Quality Y connector for a subwoofer?

Where can I get one?

Try the Cable Company at www.fatwyre.com, explain your problem, tell them what you are using. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. I'm sure they'll find a solution for you. Good Luck.
Monster Cable makes one.
You can get Monster's from AudioAdvisor.
Go look at the «Audiophile store» on UHF-Mag site at
Try Radio Shack. You can buy a ready made set or make your own. With a little wire, cute gold connectors, srink tube and a soldering iron you can make great connectors at a fair price. Now here's the fun part! Tell all your audiophile friends you had them custom made and paid through the nose for them. They will be very impressed and tell you how great they sound. Life is short have a little fun.
Vegasears, true,true, being a wag myself, I tried this and similar antics a couple of times. It was always a very rewarding experience. All the same: Wires DO MAKE a difference! (-: