High quality "locking" IEC connectors?

Does anyone know of a high quality IEC connector (pure copper conductors w/plating) that actually locks into place? Something similar to the connection for a balanced interconnect? or maybe something like a twist lock connection? I'm sick of trying to prop up my power cords to ensure that they are connected securely. I've seen some lower quality connectors available but nothing with good quality copper conductors. This seems like such an obvious need in high end audio. Anybody have any ideas?
I feel your pain. As far as gripping power goes, I have found Furutech connectors the best that are out there. Sonically, some will say the Oyaide sounds better, but none grip better than the Furutech.

No locking types I am aware of. Get a tight fitting connector. Wattgate is another one to consider.
Thanks for responding you guys. It amazes me sometimes how much time/money/effort is spent tweaking/designing audio stuff to reach "state of the art" reproduction and then simple/no brainer/obvious stuff doesn't get addressed. The balanced IC's snap in, why not the PC's!
There are some solutions out there. Unfortunately most require some modifications.


Hey thanks Ncarv.

I saw another set up like these. Unfortunately, the conductors are not the quality that I am looking for. But these have given me some ideas! I'm going to fabricate something that will go over the outside of the connectors and couple them tightly together. Stay tuned.

Thanks for responding.

IeGO makes an IEC receptacle that has a support. You can find it on the CryoParts list. I haven't listen to the the IeGO connectors, but they've been building a good reputation and they're base is either pure silver or Furukawa copper.
Wow, very cool. Thanks for that lead Quackfat. I'll check that out right away.

Those Iego are very very nice! I've never seen that brand before. Thank you so much for that info. Do they lock together though? I couldn't tell and they did not mention anything to that effect. I'll shoot them an email and find out. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. This is an excellent lead.

Check this out, may be what you're looking for: http://www.quail.com/images/Cable_Retaining_Clamps.pdf

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Kenobi, Those seem to be for specific molded IEC ends. Most of the heavy audiophile power cords (the ones that do not want to stay in place) have large, round ends.
The quail retainer clips might not be what you're looking for, but they've given me an idea for a clip that I may be able to fashion from ebony for the same purpose.
It might not work with all models of power cord, but I've found that tightly wrapping a turn or two of electrical tape around the male plug usually snugs them in.
Thanks for that web site Kenobi. That's interesting too.

I'm thinking the same thing Quackfat - I've got some ideas on fabricating something that would fit around the outside of the existing male and female IEC's. As soon as I get sometime I'm going to start making some prototypes.

Dgarretson, thanks for the idea. I'm trying to find something a little more sano though.

Cheers to all.
I think this is similar to the IeGO:


But don't these solutions require drilling holes into the chassis to attach the screws?
Ncarv, that's another great idea. Hmmm more thought.

Don is right though, most of the good PC's have the more rounded ends. But these webs sights you guys have found have given me some good ideas. Yes, it will most likely require a screw in the chassis.
I am planning on changing out the male IEC on the components to a high quality copper conductor spades(w/ gold)anyway. So I'll drill the holes etc... at the same time.

Thank you all for the great web sites.

You shouldn't need to drill holes in your chassis. These use the same holes that your existing IEC socket uses.
That's true. Good point.
Have you seen these?


Or these?

Hey Twoleftears,

I've seen that brand but have not seen this particluar item/picture. I'll have to research this brand somemore. Thanks so much for your input.

I wish they would tell you what the conductors are made out of. They may - like I said - I'll just have to do more research.

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Keith, some time ago I put some heat shrink tubing on the end of one of my IEC connectors. It worked pretty well. Heat shrink tubing comes in different thickness, you may have to experiment.
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Check out the Iego IEC Inlets. Not sure if it has been mentioned yet: http://www.cryo-parts.com/iego_iec_inlet.html

Or, you can get them thru David from Taiwan at a bit of a savings if purchased in multiples: http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/index.php?topic=41048.0;prev_next=next

Note these are made with either pure silver or copper w/ plating, NOT bronze or steel. I have 3 (copper w/ gold plating) on the way and will update upon installation and burn-in.


Easiest, most effective, and clean solution without replacing the chassis receptical or your plug end is to simply start with a single layer of black electrical tape wrapped around the male IEC portion that enters the jack.. If needed you can build up with another thin layer of tape until you feel it is snug enough, warning however this can get VERY tight fast and difficult to disconnect, and can of course "Bunch" the tape up if you disconnect a time or two and force you to replace the tape as it will not go back in...

You can do the same as mentioned above with 1.25" heat shrink I think is the ID size, but don't quote me I can't remember the exact size off the roll.. This however is the same issue as electrical tape once it gets bunched up once or twice can need to be replaced.