Qualified Tube Technician in Pacific Northwest?

I've got quite a bit of tube equipment up here in the Seattle area (amps, preamps) and need to find a really good, qualified technician to do some work. Probably looking for an experienced, independent tech. Can any body help with recommendations??? Thanks very much.
One person suggested:

Wedgewood Audio Service, 3315 Beacon Ave South, Seattle, WA 98144; 206-522-4961

Any other suggestions. I can go outside the Seattle area - a couple hours drive - as far as Portland.
I think Stan Warren and Ric Schultze[EVS] are in the Portland/Eugene area.Maybe google them,good luck,Bob
One other suggestion, that may be worthy of consideration:
Brian Hawkins of Raptor Electronics.

His bio as he introduced himself to me:
"My "resident expert" status results from working for AudioPrism/Red Rose Music for 7 years. I was involved with all aspects of the products, design, repair, upgrade, manufacturing, QC, customer support, etc."

His contact info is: raptorelectronics@earthlink.net