Quad makes Electrostats, why now box speakers??

Quad has made electrostatic speakers for decades. So, why have they now launched a line of box speakers?? In particular, the model 22L which is an attractive 3 way speaker retailing for $1500 (I think) Anyone heard them or own them?? Do they sound better than the average floorstander, and is their bass, imaging and soundstaging better than the average British box speakers?? Need good input on this product "model"
Because the market for their hi-end electrostats is very small...and in Britain...you have to make a very good small monitor to survive...hence the acclaim of the Quad 11L...and the Quad 12L which I will soon own..
It is no longer run by Mr. Walker. They are parented by an asian company with a different philosophy. A shame.

Under new Chinese ownership...Wharfdale is their "Sister" company...and in a sense...the new Quads are top of the line Wharfdales...since they are built in the same factory...but they offer tremendous value for the money...the new 11/12Ls are easily on par with 2k Brit monitors such as Proac,SPendor,etc....
I have just sold my Quad 12L's and bought 22L floorstanders. The 12L's were brilliant, so I went all out. Only difference as you'd expect is a more extended bass, however, I also feel that there's more of a tighter and perhaps clearer/better defined soundstage on the 12L's - punchier and more distinct in a way. The 12L try's harder, the 22L is laid back.

Maybe I'll get another pair, but still settling in with the 22L's after only a few days - will run them in a bit more for sure, and also try bi-amping (to Quad 405-2's).

Key advice - buy the best possible stands you can find for the 12L's (Sound Organisation Z5750 or equivalent)
How much are the smaller models? Anyone compare them to the Spendor S3/5?
I've heard the Wharfdales, not too musical, no like. The funny name fits them well! So if the boxed quads sound anything like Whars....
They sound more like Spendors than budget midfi Wharfdales...afterall...SPendor designed the original 10L...but the new Quads are not as rolled off.. offer much more bass...and keep that signature "open midrange" hi end Brit monitors are known for...they are more of a "modern sounding" design than the "old school" S3/5s...which is a large reason...I assume...they were awarded "Speaker of the Year" in WhatHiFI...and equal raves in HifI Choice...