Quad 57s with after market power cords

Anybody try a pair of power cords, such as Sablon, DCCA, Shunyata, etc on original Quad 57s?


Don’t bother wasting your money, ESL’s consume so little power you could almost rub a plastic ruler with a wool cloth to generate enough power for them.

And for anyone who says they will filter out more noise, it's only the bias voltage the cord supplies. And if your not convinced just get some cheap snap on ferrite power cord clamps they'll be more effective noise remover anyway, not that you'll hear these as well. 


Cheers George

Do not know about cords for your speakers , but it is worth trying some Furutech GTX -D receptacles . They were a nice bass improvement in my King Sound stats. 
Changing power cords is very efficacious for my Kingsound King III ESL speakers (reviewed for Dagogo.com), and in fact I tune the system partly by using different power cords with the ESL speakers' power supplies. 

I had several people insist it would not change with power cord. I invited one repairer of Quads to come; he heard and admitted he was wrong. 

Good point regarding outlets, maplegrovemusic. 

I used homemade power cords made with braided Kimber cable. The original Quad power cords are crap. Relatively speaking, of course. I also ran my 57 Quads competely naked. No grills, no dust covers. They’re bad news. I also used the Arcicci stands.

Geoff Kait
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Amen on the sans grills! One of the worst moves in listening, imo, is to shove a screen ahead of a driver. :(

I replaced my 989 stock cords with panga 9's.   Made a difference and didn't break the bank.  You can find them at audio adviser.  Good luck and please post your finds.