Q for any Luxman L-509X owners

For anyone with experience with the L-509X - does the "Separate" button work on your remote?

All of my remote buttons on the RA-17A remote are working except the Separate button - it doesn't work. I have to walk across the room to push the "Separate" button on the unit. 

Just wondering if I should contact Luxman about a replacement remote or if this is just the way it is?

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I just ditched my Mcintosh ma9000 and traded it for a Luxman 509x... Wow. Just wow. So much more stage and passion then the ma9000. Macs are pretty as hell but this Luxman 509x really performs beautifully. Im driving JBL 4429's and it's really making them sing. Great combination. 
greginnh....Did you by chance try the L-590 x2 with your Blades before choosing the 509?
I'm curious if it has the power needed to drive a speaker like that. 
Considering them both for a Paradigm Persona 9H match, and trying to get some advice , as hearing them is not feasible unless a long road trip occurs, and I'd like to avoid a wasted one. 
Also interested in the Esoteric integrated amps.


yup JBL and Luxman have good synergy
@brrgrr  The L-590 AX II has plenty of headroom beyond the sweet 30WPC of Class A power.   Not sure why Luxman doesn't publicize this as they go up to 180 watts +/- in A/B.   I had owned the L-590 AX and due to my mental disorder called "Audiophilia Nervosa", I embarked on an 8 integrated amplifier quest with included  Plinius, Accuphase, Esoteric, Gato, Gryphon and back to Luxman.   The story is a bit more complicated but suffice it to say that the L-590 AX is the integrated I regret selling the most.  The L-590 AX II is even better.

I auditioned the Persona 9H and the Blade 2 in the same room with the same gear.   I was not impressed with the 9H and the Blade 2 sounded much better (to me).  It was really as toss-up as to whether to go back to the 590 or try the new 509.  You really can't go wrong with either one.

As for the Esoteric, I owned the F-05 Integrated - I was not impressed.  Not in the same league as Luxman.
@greginnh  Thanks for the reply. Haven't heard the Blades tho read very good things about them . Harry at VPI owns them and he speaks very well of them. 

Guess it's time for a road trip to do some auditions!