Puritan PSM156

OK, this component needs a thread of its own.

I've had a number of brands of power conditioner in the house over the years, but this one is something special.  Inserting it cold into a cold system, the improvement was perceptible within the first bar of music.  The sound was somehow more present, the relaxed passages more relaxed, the more forceful passages more forceful.  I ended up turning down the volume a little from where I normally listen.  Sound is definitely superior with the monoblocs plugged into this rather than straight into the wall, as is preamp and CDP.

The good news is that this comes in price-wise under the Audioquest Niagara 3000 and everything above that.

I'd love to have a showdown between the Puritan and the Inakustik AC-3500P but getting the two units in the same room together will be a challenge.

Puritan has been flying largely under the radar in the US, but this unit is most definitely worth checking out.
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Wig here on the Gon had both and much preferred the Puritan. Hopefully he will post here. 
Yes, he's got a little bit of a groundswell going over on AudioCircle, but I thought it deserved being brought to people's attention here too.
I bought one about a week ago and I have to say twoleftears is spot on with his assessment. Right now I just have the preamp, CD transport and DAC plugged into it. This thing is the real deal. The sound is sweet, organic, and more dynamic than without it. 
Even on my computer system I could easily hear the differences as they changed units and added the GM. The guy who designed the Puritans used to work in nuclear subs, keeping them quiet.

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