Purifi Class D: Junk?

So, from the previous thread about high-end class D the Purifi module was brought up. I decided to get a cheap example from VTV, a simple stereo unit with a single Purifi module and matching Hypex SMPS. Standard input buffer. I got it in yesterday. First impression wasn't what I was expecting: weak, congested dynamics is what stood out to me. I expected greater expression through my ProAc D30Rs. The other problems such as poor soundstage, thin / boring character, etc, I marked up to needing burn-in before evaluating. So it's been 24 hours, I would still expect to get at least the high control / damping of high end class D and dynamic power, but it's just not present.

Could it be an impedance mismatch? Other manufacturers selling the Purifi with their custom input buffers are reporting 47k Ohms. VTV doesn't say in the manual or on the site. I checked the Purifi data sheet which reports...2.2k Ohms on SE???? That can't be right?? That's absurdly low! Am I reading the right spec? My preamp has an output impedance of 230 Ohms. Can someone confirm that the stock Purifi has this ultra-low input impedance?
They are basically compatible. The NC500 has a clip output which the Purifi board does not. The NC500 recommended op amp supplies are +/-15v where as the Purifi module recommends +/- 12V, but the Purifi max rating for this supply is +/- 20v, so you should be ok swapping in the Purifi module in an amp designed for the NC500. 
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Thanks jaytor, I'll check it out. Got to be worth a listen..

It seems gFi is addicted to sticking a fork in a live outlet
I consider a good class ab amplifier any well designed high power consumption power amplifier that takes at least 1000 watts from the wall there are many to choose from but i can tell tell you that the best are of the bipolar variety.