Pure Note Cerulean

Any experiences on how Pure Note Cerulean speaker cable works with solid state vs tube amplifier ?
I use the Cerulean cables on my Plinus SA102 amp (solid state). Very sweet with no glassy edge. Key is to break them in as directed. Just because they are silver does not mean they must only be used with tube electronics. I believe Pure Note is having a summer sale now.
I use the Cerulean biwire cables with a tube amp (Cary SLI-80) and Concentus Lyra speakers. The previous cable was a single-wire AZ Satori. The Concentus speakers are sweet but lack ultimate transparency and have terrific bass. The Cerulean cables improved the picture - they tightened the bass, midrange became cleaner and clearer and less bloated.

Much impressed, I ordered the Cerulean interconnects but was not impressed that much - they lent some dryness to the overall sonic picture. I'm currently using the Cerulean speaker cables and Kimber Select KS-1021 interconnects with excellent results.

Good luck!
I agree with Transl but will say the Paragon i/c is a much better choice than the Cerulean.
I thought the speaker cable worked great with several tube amps I have used recently.