New cables from Pure Note "Cerulean"

I was just checking out some web sites and saw that Pure Note has new cables out. Does anyone have any experience with these? How do they compare to the Epsilon Reference line?
I was invited to be one of the beta testers several months ago for this new cable. IMO they are a step up from the Epsilon with the silver connectors and silver ribbon wire. I too would like to hear more opinions but it may be awhile since they just came out. Pure Note is offering a 50% off intro sale now.
Sonic, are you are cable manufacturer, dealer, or in any other way associated with a cable company? No offense, it is just hat the only time I ever see you post is with respect to cables the majority of them are regarding Pure Note. Just curious.
I have been a good customer and strong supporter of Pure Note. I did receive a free set of cables for the testing but I have no financial interest in the company.

I guess I could say the same for you, Lak, Physicanimal?, and others plugging Ridge Street cables. I also find it interesting the same people appear in Ridge Street reviews. Perhaps you are guys are like me, just a bunch of cable junkies.
I see that you HAVE taken offense when none was intended. Apologies. Yep, I've offered recommendations of Ridge Street, but also Pure Note (even over RS for some!), Acoustic Zen, Stealth, Harmonic Tech, Sonoran, Nordost, Zu, and Cardas as individual applications have warranted.

Naw, not a junkie, just a damn fool for paying the prices I've paid! :-)
I post everywhere, Sonic "Genius". It's *ewe* who is suspicious...
Sonic at least you are being honest of receiving free
cable, for the testing.If you like to support Pure
note, its ok with me,they have good product though.
I always support Dan Wright, not because I receive
a penny from him, but I benefited from the mod he did,
for my Sony9000es, I dont want to spend 5k, just for
cd player,Dan made my sony9000es sound at least 5k,IMHO.
I went to the a dealer and heard this highly regarded
Tri vista SACD,thats when I realise how good is the
9000es.Dont get me wrong the Trivista is excellent,
but I wont miss it.
I just tried them and they are absolutely fantastic.