Impression of Purenote Cerulean & competitors?

How do they compare to the other players out there? I am shopping for a long (6 meter) XLR interconnect that will go into a $50k+ (retail) system and need the IC to have all the best virtues. What have you compared it with?

I am happy with Audience AU24 in the rest of my chain, but their asking price on XLR is sky high ($5k+ for 6 meter). What other options are out there (Signal cable, Homegrown Audio, Discovery, Stu/Audioparts, VH Audio Pulsar, etc).

Shopping for this cable is driving me crazy, help!
Do a search and you will find lots about Pure Note. Excellent cables for the money.
Start with a run of Canare star quad mic cable. With that length you will get the best performance using xlr. It will cost less than the tax on anything else.