psb vs, klipsch.

I'm looking at buying the SF2 synergy speakers from klipsch but a friend is adviseing me to go with psb's insted, There are no psb dealers close and my only exsposure to psb's have been the alpha.I was very impressed with them. if there is someone that could tell me what kind of sound differances I can exspect,it would help a lot. the psb modle that my friend is recomending is the t4. these speakers will double in my theater system
You really need to listen to them.I would go with the more efficient of the 2 carefull that your speakers all have the same efficiency or things will sound out of balance.
PSB makes a terrific, very musical line of speakers and are great values. I've heard the Image 2T and was impressed: a lot of speaker for the money. You need a subwoofer for any real mid and lower bass, as with any small speaker, of course. As far as choosing on basis of efficiency, that really isn't a relevant issue... you should be able to adjust the volume balance on your surround processor between front, center, surrounds and subwoofer to get the levels right. Timbre matching between the fronts and center speakers is another matter -- it's important that these match so that sounds are realistic and don't change in character as they pan from left to center to right (for example). Picking speakers from a single manufacturer helps, but you can do well audtioning speakers at home, also.
You are asking for opinions so I will give you mine. I would recommend that you listen for yourself as taste in speakers vary greatly. My personal preference is for the PSB speakers. I think they are a steal for what they offer in performance. Klipsch is completely different sounding with their horn tweaters. They are good speakers but I did not care for the sound of the horn tweaters. You may like them though. They are very efficent speakers and if you are using low power amps or a reciever they may be the way to go. The Psb image line though is hard to beat and I would be very surprised if you did not like them in your price range.
Both are worthy products. I sold klipsch in my store from 1976 to 1984. It is no longer the same old world craftsmanship and product. I now own psb stratus bronze. These are the best speakers I've ever owned, and a bargain to boot! You might want to pick up a copy of Stereophile, April 2000 and read their recommended components. psb's are listed in several catagories, not one klipsch. psb is perhaps the 'most' recommended across the spectrum. Build quality, customer support, reliability and sound is great with the psb's. I highly recommend them! Good luck, wishing you the best sound possible - Bennett
I agree with the others here that PSB speakers are incredible. They are amazingly balanced across the sound spectrum and remain one of the best values in audio. I have not heard the Image series but I HAVE heard the alphas, the Century series as well as all 4 Stratus series models and am convinced that they are all best buys in their respective price classes (with the possible exception of the Stratus Mini). The Stratus Bronze is the best $1200 speaker I have heard. Period.
thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback and helping me decide what to do. greg