PSB Syncrony one vs. klipsch Rp-5

I'm current using klipsch rp-5 front channels. If components aren't considered (hypothetically the best are being used), would the PSB Syncrony one or two be much of an upgrade??

If not would you recommend something else at a similar or lower price? (used equipment fine, but new preferred)

(just to give some tangibility I am running digital 24/96 --> Monarchy DIP Upsampler -----> Emotiva XDA-1 DAC -----> AES AE-3 tube preamp ---> B&K reference 125.2 amp)

the synchrony is an outstanding speaker which would be a very substantial upgrade over the (1/4 the price) klipsch. there's alot of vg speakers between the two--mirage omd28 ($2600 new at vanns), used revel f30/32, dynaudio contour, salk songtower, ohm, etc. etc.--if you specify a budget you'll get a lot of focused recs.
If its for a movie system don't make a damn, unless you like to waste money.
My preferred budget would be under $2000, and they will be used primarily for 2-channel audio...
The PSB's would be a big step up based on my personal taste. (I'm a dealer for both)
i also like the synchrony.
Any other recommendations for a set of towers, used or new and under $2000, that would be an improvement over the Klipsch RP-5?
the new PSB Imagine 2t is very close to the Synchrony One at much less money. Also, PSB Stratus Gold can be found for your budget and are excellent.
Thanks, I'll look into those!
The PSB's would be a huge upgrade over the Klipsch.
The most remarkable speaker system I have ever heard for the money is the NHT Classic Three mated to their B-12d subwoofer. For about $1600.00 they will outperform most "high end" speakers up to $5000.00 a pair.
Cheers; dmacg