PSB Syncrony one vs. klipsch Rp-5

I'm current using klipsch rp-5 front channels. If components aren't considered (hypothetically the best are being used), would the PSB Syncrony one or two be much of an upgrade??

If not would you recommend something else at a similar or lower price? (used equipment fine, but new preferred)

(just to give some tangibility I am running digital 24/96 --> Monarchy DIP Upsampler -----> Emotiva XDA-1 DAC -----> AES AE-3 tube preamp ---> B&K reference 125.2 amp)

The PSBs are great speakers but they will provide a completely different sound than the klipsch. This will definitely be a user preference thing. The entire PSB Syncrony line is fantastic. However, they are much more even keeled than the klipsch and not as sensitive so they may seem less involving. My advice is bring your own demo material to a local dealer and see how you like them. I personally think the PSBs sound much better than the Klipsch for most types of music and with most gear.