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Putting a dedicated HT that will be used equally for 2 channel as well. No, I don't want 2 separate systems. I've done that and it's too complicated for my spouse. Will be using Triad monitor gold for 3 fronts with minimonitor for sides and surrounds. Cary multichannel amp. I have been researching the new Emotiva xmc-1 and anthem 510 receiver, which I would use a pre/pro. Oppo 105D and JVC 4910 projector round out the electronics. Can't find much about the emotiva but the little info out there sounds good. Anthem has great reputation. Any input is appreciated.
Go to the Emotiva lounge. There you'll find a lot of feedback and discussion on the XMC-1. Good luck. From what I've read, I'd go for the Emotiva XMC-1.
The Emotiva is nice. However, what do you really need something that expensive for. The process is better/equal in the Oppo. I have a 105 and really don't want my emotiva doing any of the signal processing. Try the UMC-200 and save $1500.

I had considered using the 105 with a lesser pro as well. However, as noted, I will be using for 2 channel as well and would like a good pre for that purpose
I'd use the 105D as a processor and get a good analog preamp that can by-pass stereo. I use a Parasound JC-2 BP. Stereo from the 105 goes to the JC-2 BP, surround directly to the amps, LF to a Velodyne SMS-1 bass manager. Great sound and flexibility.


I like the processor for the room correction. I'm investing a small fortune in this room and want it to be as authentic as possible. I don't think the 105 offers correction?
The 105 does not have room correction. My emotiva has it but I've been totally unsuccessful in getting any meaningful results out of it.

James-what are your other sources? You might be able to use the 105 as a pre. The digital volume is pretty nice. I will say that the emotiva 200 pre will pass through 2 channel signals without adding/detracting anything. The only reason to go with the xmc is if you want the DAC in it. It is quite nice but not cheap.
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Are you using the direc software? Room correction with the xmc is a must or I'll go with the anthem.
I strongly believe you'll get much better overall dynamics and slam going through the outboard processor for DD and DTS master movie sources, such as through the Anthem! (vs dirrect analog out of the Oppo). Yes, also, convenience of source switching, plus ROOM CORRECTION!(and absolute must have!!! - small rooms are bass sound wave roller coasters!)
.Anthem will sound great, no matter how you process through/with it, and it simplifies things.
Find a deal on one, and forget about all the audiophile tricks and short cuts, too! Help a wife out...