Dream Processor

I am the owner of a Lexicon MC-8. I have been happy with it, but the latest update has left me a bit disappointed. I was really hoping for Room EQ software.

I am curious what features people see as being the most important for a processor and whether there is a processor of choice people recommend. For example, with the MC-8, I could not care less about the second zone feature. But I like being able to give each speaker its own crossover setting, the Analog bypass feature and the internal test tones. I also wish it had more than one subwoofer output. Can anyone recommend a processor (excluding the MC-12 which is prohibitively expensive) that has these features?


Chord DSP 8000 or 8000R will blow you a way if you can find one to audition.

What about a used MC-12? Don't know if that is still too expensive, but it would have the functions you desire- multiple subs, and room EQ if you get a v4EQ or v5EQ version.

Unlike the MC-8, the MC-12 can also digitize analog inputs, which I believe is required for applying room EQ to analog sources.

That will also give you ability to apply Logic 7, DPLIIx (with v5), and to do bass management, speaker calibration, speaker distance, and other adjustments in the Prepro. I realize there are varying opinions on sonic aspects of an A/D and subsequent D/A conversion, versus the functionality that provides, but it is an option that would be available on the MC-12.

Just recently bought an MC 12B demo, the EQ is all it is cracked up to be. Made a world of difference in my funky shaped room. The automatic EQ set up is also easy and intuitive. Look around , these come up occasionally priced right.