Proceed, Aragon, Levinson, or other?

I am interested in a 2 ch. amp, I have a Carver AV505 AMP, a Marantz Pre-Amp and Energy C-4 speakers. I want an amp for both music (From Metal to Jazz) and movies. I am considering the Proceed AMP2, Aragon 4004 MK II, Acurus A150, and others. I want an AMP that will be a considerable jump over the Carver, a building block for future formats (7.1), and be an AMP that I won't want to upgrade for a long time. Are any of these listed in that ball park or should I save up for a while and get a used Levinson? I am having trouble justifing the money for a Levinson. If I buy a Levinson in the future, I won't have any money to buy the components to go with it. Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance.
Save yourself lots of money! Look into the Odyssey Stratos (sells new for about $1K). Don't let the price fool you...they are sold factory direct (saving you all the markup). I replaced my Audio Research amps with the Odyssey, and my music has never sounded so good, or real. Their amps are built like tanks, and come with a 20 yr warranty to boot. Check them out at or give Klaus a call (317)299-5578. In my opinion you'd have to spend $3-4K or more to equal their sonic performance.
Classe makes some good amps...should match up well with what you have ...
When I went amp shopping I compared the AMP2 and the Levinson 335, amongst others. It probably needs no explaining that the 335 killed the AMP2 in almost every aspect; soundstage, control, musicality, open-ness, clarity and especially imaging. Price was the only aspect in which it did not win. A used 335 would probably serve you much better than an AMP2. In my opinion, it is well worth the money to get the 335, that's what I ended up doing.
Odyssey amps are a month out according to klause at odyssey.So plan on waiting a while.
I am running Aragon 4004 MK II's bi amped and they sound
great through my Wisdom Audio Adrenaline 75's.
I know I would be better served with big Rowlands etc..
but after reading and talking to lot's of people that owned
Aragons, I decided that they would be a long term keeper amp
until I can afford the Rowlands or such.

The Aragons are 200 watts per channel, lots of bass punch
and can handle 2 ohm loads. Great buy for $800 -1k.

Buy one and forget about an amp for awhile!
Ton, I own a bat vk200(100watts) sounds more like 200watts, can be had for 1,800 demo'd. All balanced and I do love it. But sheadlee has a point, I would check out the stratos. I went to the website and the specs were pretty nice. Hell what ya got to loose 1k and a 20yr warranty.
Has anyone compaired the stratos to an Proceed AMP 2?
Thanks for all of the advice, I've decided to try the Odyssey. I will let you know how I make out.