Rega apollo v NAD 565 BEE comparsion Others?

I compared a Rega Apollo and NAD 565 BEE. Amp is an Exposure 2010S with Cardas Neutral Reference ICs and Analysis Plus Oval 9 wire Speakers are Polk SDA 1Cs and RTA 12Bs. The Rega was very nice and natural with a big stage and may?? have had a sense of slightly deeper bass. It also came off as ever so slightly laidback with a little bit of a hot top end but very little.
The NAD seemed to have more punch and things had more defintion Things seem to stand out more froma black background and be more bold. It seemed to have a slightly more dynamic sound. As I listen to rock and blues it seemed to fit the bill better Who knows if an IC change would have helped the Apollo. HOWEVER from an operational stand point the NAD is wonderful to use while the Rega is a little annoying.
I am leaning toward the NAD but am wondering about the Marantz 8003,8001 and the Cambridge 740C. I had the Cambridge here 2 years ago with different amp and thought it was nice but had a narrow stage and seemed to detail driven Any thoughts on any of this???
Also, does anyone have a copy of Stereophile ( October 2009)and can tell me what Sam T had to say about the NAD 375BEE and 565BEE??
Both are excellent machines. Dead on with observations. The NAD is, I think, better than the Cambridge Audio and is a lot less $$. (I have the Rega.)
Sam T said the amp was fantastic and that the CD player was good but nothing special in comparison.
A group of us just did a shootout. We all agreed that the Cambridge 840c was the best of the group (smooth, better highs, mids and bass). Next was the Apollo, after that were a Jolida and modded music hall. The 840 clearly beat all else without arguments.
A friend and I tried 840s about a year ago against a Denon 1650AR and like the Denon better. However when he switched to different IC and went balanced the 840 stepped ahead. The Apollo was very good but I thought a little soft. Would an IC change help? What bout the Exposure 2010S CD player? The amp is a mind blower. keith
I have heard all three, and IMO the Rega is the best machine, and that is what I bought - I liked the bigger soundstage you mentioned in particular, as well as the warmer sound. The Cambridge is quite bright in comparison, I would prefer the NAD between the two. The Marantz players have a nice sound, but I think you have to go too far up the line price-wise to match the Apollo. I think the Apollo and the Saturn are two of the best players one can buy for the money. I would be interested in hearing one of the tubed ones, though, I have not had a chance to do so.
I heard Saturn for $1600 & Nad 565bee for around $600 in my system.
I prefered Nad clear,uncolored presentation
"I heard Saturn for $1600 & Nad 565bee for around $600 in my system."

Unless you have a highly resolving system look at the Apollo - the Saturn needs the gear to get that other 25% from it. But when it has it .... it competes with $5000 cd players.
The Moon CD-1 by SimAudio is by no means a slouch. I preferred it over the cd players mentioned.
The review by Sam T is up on NAD website now.
What intrigues me however is the review by Doug Schneider of SoundStage who claimed that it sounds a lot like Simaudio’s Moon Evolution SuperNova...
Depends on the system. I happen to dig the Rega but in your system it could be different. As you can see by the reponses there is no consensus on this price point. Others would have to include the Rotel RCD-1520. I dynamite player for $1,000.
I liked the 565BEE as well.  Very good player for a little bit of dough.
The Rega Saturn is on par (more money) to the 565 BEE, IMO.