Problems with Cary 303-200

I purchased a Cary 303-200 about 2 months ago and have had problems with skipping on some discs. If I play the disc again it usually doesn't skip. But this occurs on about every third disc I play and seems to be increasing in frequency. Has any body else experienced this problem?
Take it back to the dealer and have it serviced. If it's increasing with frequency, the transport could be dying already. It shouldn't be after only 2 months, but stranger things have happened. You're not using one of those cd improvement discs that sit on top of the cd, are you? If you are, they have been known to wear out the transport drive. Anyway, it sounds like it needs repairs, and it should be covered under warranty. Good luck.

Check out the ad for a cary cdp posted on 2/24 by hifimatt - the description of the unit comments on this. I have been wondering whether this malfunction is common.
I bought a used 303/200 that was skipping. The transport was bad and had to be replaced.
I had the same problem. I called Cary and they replaced the cdp.
Cary took great care of me on this deal!
I had both a used 303/100 and a new 303/200 that both skipped. cary uses the cheap, problematic Philips CDM12 transport which is a real piece of junk. You'd think that this price point, they'd use something more reliable. Anyway, check out my thread on AA at:
My friend's 303/200 had some problems, shipped another and....
I've been using this machine for 1.5 years and its performance has been exemplary. Very surprised to hear of these problems. Perhaps I was just lucky in the speciment I bought?

In any case, call Cary - they are renowned for outstanding service and should make you satisfied.