Proac vs. Meadowlark

I'm interested to know if anyone has listened to both brands. Plan on using them with a all tube system. I'm more interested in two-way speakers.

Dont worry about it..both are great...Meadowlark might be more efficient in a montior...enjoy....
I have had both ProAc Response 1 SC and Meadowlark Kestrel and Verio in my system with a CJ MV 60. They all work well with tubes. Each has its own strengths depending on what you want and expect. ProAc is more detailed or maybe brighter than Meadowlark. Meadowlark has a different sounding bass, maybe more bass. Midrange on both are close, with Meadowlark being a bit warmer. ProAcs are very stand dependent and Meadowlark need at least 6 feet between them to really image well.

What is your budget? There are options based upon price, music preference and the rest of your system.

I think you pretty well covered it! I was most curious about the bass, and the midrange. I do prefer my midrange a bit sweet, so most likely I will go with Meadowlark. But perhaps I will opt to get a pair of used Shearwaters. I am interested in the Osprey, but it is a bit out of my price range for new. And there aren't enough people here that have lsitened to them yet.

My music? Mostly jazz, blues, and a bit of classical.

thanks for the help!
Go with the Shearwater. I am not convinced about the new Meadowlarks yet. They are a different sound and I need to listen to them more. They still out perform many more expensive speakers. But my old ears do not want to change too much.

Although you narrowed the field down to these two brands, try and listen to Silverline.

Just when I get it down to 2 different speakers, you through another name at me :)

Silverline? hmmm... I'm assuming they are similar to the two I am interested in?
I’ve owned Meadowlarks (Kestrel HR), and upgraded to ProAc (1.5, then 2.5), for what that’s worth. I believe Meadowlark to be one of the best choices out there all things considered, however, to my ears mid range clarity and detail is significantly better with the ProAc. I’ve also heard Shearwaters and the new Swift. I paid A LOT more money to get a little better finesse, but to me it was worth it. I also spent a good bit of quality listening time with the Silverline SR17’s before finally purchasing ProAc 1SC’s for my second system. Silverline makes a great speaker as well. Considering I had a sub for the second (smaller) system, I chose the ProAc because they imaged a bit better and had a little more air. Hope this helps…
RG is on target with his assessment. I gave my ProAcs (1SC) up due to fatigue. They are great but they also became bright sounding. I also found the 1 SC better than the 1.5 and 2.5 both were bass heavy to me and did not have that ProAc magic. (And the controversy begins.) Do not get me wrong because the 1 SC are one of my favorites.

I switched over to Penaudio from Finland. More expensive but worth it. Imaging ++++. Detail and accurate and musical!!! These are one of the best new speakers to hit the market. Silverline has several models to listen to. But since we are making alternative suggestions, you can also listen to Legend.

Isn't this what it's all about? Opinions and Options. KT 88 call me if you want to go over other options.

You bring up a interesting point about the Proac. Maybe a bit more in the mids, but I don't want to get a sub. Besides, the 1SC does retail for $500 dollars more than the Kestrel, it should be a bit better :) But I think I will focus on the Meadowlark Shearwater used. In fact I started a want add for a pair, in case anyone has a pair that is reading this thread?

After saying all that. I will admit I would gladly listen to the 1SC if I could find someone near me that had a pair close to me.

Cellorver, you sound like your loaded with info! Maybe if I can't get a good deal on the Shearwater's I send you a private e-mail!

yes Cellorover, the controversy begins…actually, no, we’re kinda from the same camp :) As good at the 1SC is, I could understand falling out of love with this speaker without a sub. And I have heard comments that the 1SC is better than other speakers up the Response line. What I found, and I had the 1SC, 1.5 and 2.5 all at the same time, was that room and equipment had a lot to do with getting the best from these. In a nutshell, the 1SC does do better than the 2.5 in my smaller room on average equipment. But put in a larger space, on better equipment, there really is no comparison. It’s just my opinion, but I would go so far as to say the 2.5 is one of the finest two way speaker systems ever built. They do, however, require a fairly decent commitment in ancillary equipment – otherwise they just wont show their capability. Your comment about the bass I also understand. Some people (including myself), hear too much at times. But this speaker is just too good in so many other ways to abandon it for something that can be easily worked around (traps or placement or choice of music). ProAcs are not perfect, but they are non compromising, and what they do well, they do well magically. BTW, I found the 1.5 to be outrageous on vocals, but like the bookshelf, it ultimately needed a sub. Because the 1SC is better on the top end, you might as well have that with the sub. It was no surprise to me that ProAc changed this model to address a lean bottom end. As a former close to full retail payer of new Meadowlark speakers, I have only appreciation for their stuff, and never once had any purchase regrets. But I must say that no Meadowlarks that I’ve ever listened to sound as good as the 1SC’s properly subbed. Of course you’re looking at around $2200 used (speakers, sub, and don’t forget the stands). With the price of used Kestrels and Sheerwaters being what they are, I can fully understand that buying a pair of these is somewhat of a no brainer.

ProAc and Meadowlark are two of my favorite brands. Comparing the two is always interesting. It is a great case of how different is not necessarily better. Just different and good in their own ways.

Anyway, it's Sunday night so let's have some fun and muddy the water a little before Monday morning. Please excuse me, but I am horrible with names. KT 88, look for an older pair of ProAc Signature 50s (retailed around 1700 new). Not Tablets. It may also be Reference 50s. They laid the foundation for the 1 SCs. They did a lot of things better, were warmer and had more body. Surprising speaker.

Penaudio solved the problem of subwoofer and stands. While they have a powered subwoofer line, they are introducing an interesting new line of passive woofers. Maybe a pair of those with the ProAcs? Mine (woofers)are on the way.

KT 88 if you need some help finding some Shearwaters send me an e-mail.

Have a good week everyone!
Forget them both and check out the soliloquy's... Any one second my motion???
Here here ,I second that motion!
OK, the field is opened. While KT 88 had his mind set for either ProAc or Meadowlark, new input has surfaced. OK, if we are opening this up, let's keep it focused. KT 88 please present your parameters. Existing system. Objectives. Budget. Etc. Let's see what comes to light.
hmmmm parameters? Something that has the Proac midrange magic, with the Shearwater bass. At the price of a used Meadowlark Shearwater. How does that grab you?

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Well, you are either a glutton for punishment or you are giving yourself more than a fair chance to pick a speaker that you want to keep for a while. ProAc is very stand dependent, so a floor stander is a more desired option. Well, I like monitors and I like good two way speakers. So here's two more. Silverline SR15 new or SR 17 new at a pinch or used within the budget. You do not have to get crazy with the stands as long as they are stable and can be filled. You want them 24". Can you find used Legends at this price range? I cannot comment on Mdp's suggestions as I have not listened to Soliloguy long enough at any one time. But since you are open, give them a listen and let us know what you think.