Cables and connects for Meadowlark Kestrel II

I'm looking for a match made in heaven for a pair of 2005 Kestrel II, cables and interconnects.I'm using an Audio Research VSI55 amp and Audio Research CD 2 in this system.I listen to all types of music;but mostly acoustic and vocals.Thankyou for your time and advice. Bluegill
Provide a budget, it will make the recommendations more targeted.
Thanks for advice Brf; budget in the $1000 range for connects and speaker cable
Truly, there are so many cables out there that it's impossible to know what you'll like until you try. That's why a money-back guarantee is very cool for someone in your position. That said, I would check out Black Cat Lectralines. They fit into your budget, sound great and have a money-back. They were designed by Chris Sommivego, who designed the Stereovox cables that were very highly reviewed, but expensive. Good luck.
I owned the K2s, so I know the sound. I found them a bit laid back, so I used cables that were not of that balance.
I'm using Grover Huffman ZXs now, and I think they would be a very good match, as the ZX are very fast and dynamic, and very cleanly detailed without euphonic coloration or emphasis.
They are in your price range, and GH offers a trial guarantee.