Proac Studio 140 mk2


Looking for opinions, please. 

I’m aware of how the room, associated equipment, and other factors can alter a speaker’s sound. But how would you generally describe the sound of this model?

My current system is for the most part great, but I’m wondering if the Proac will be more lively on the top end than my Usher Cp6311? 

It appears the Proac is stronger in the bass regions, but if they are warm up top, that is a deal breaker. At 57, I crave a crisper sound, as I feel my hf hearing is suffering. 

I don’t want to trade sideways. If you feel the Usher and Proac are more alike than different, please say so, and I’ll likely stay put.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to demo the speakers without a road trip. I’m hoping to fill in some blanks before I commit.

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Gary,

I owned the 140 MKII till I upgraded to the Proac Response D30RS six month ago .
What is the dimensions of your listening space ?
What is your system ?
What’s wrong with your Usher speakers ?

The room is approx 15’ wife and 18’ long. Speakers are on the 15’ wall. The wall behind listening seating is partial- it is an arched wall that opens into a dining and foyer area. So actually the room could be considered 28’ long or so.

The system is an Anthem 225i Integrated, Musical Fidelity cd into a Schiit dac, and a Technics sl1200 mk2.

The only thing I would change is more pronounced top end- I think I’ve lost some high frequency hearing. Would love to hear more shimmer of cymbals, hihat, etc. 

Of course, not to the extent of being harsh-

The 140 mk2 have very powerful bass if that’s what you are looking for and will fit well to your room,the mid and high is detailed and transparent .They are very good speakers but certainly not high end ,don’t forget this model is only the entry level on Proac line . over time I found them a little bit bright and ’dry’ .the Proac Response D30 I own now are in a completely differnt league they have the warmth ,depth and sofistication that 140MK 2 are lacking and I think this is my last speakers I will ever buy .Didn’t hear your Usher’s however they seems very good speakers and I am not sure that the Proac 140 mk2 are better then the Usher you own.


Thanks very much for your response. Gives me food for thought for sure.

I certainly don’t want to swap for the sake of change- I’m not unhappy with the Ushers.


I just sold a pair of NOS unopened proac Studio 140 MK II for a family friend.
 The fellow who bought them had purchased 2 pairs.
They were going to be operated in a second system that didn't materialize. The new owner picked them up this morning and text me later how much he loved them.  I think if you follow the right set up protocol you would love them too. They are just voiced right.
Put on the Hollies long cool woman in a black dress.
Thanks Johnny R,

I appreciate the feedback.