ProAc Response 1SC Amp

I have a pair of ProAc Response 1SC speakers. I have a single source - output from a good quality DAC. I need one more component (an Amp) and I will have music!

I want to spend about $1,200 on the amplifier. I have read that the 1SC's sound particularly good when driven with a tube amp. However, I am new to the audiophile world, tube amps are intimidating to me (i.e. tube rolling, biasing, etc...).

I need help deciding which amplifier to buy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas!
Conrad Johnson 11a.
very easy to bias. tube rolling is not a must.

heard the CJ years ago with the proac 2s. Great synergy
11a more than $1200. A classic...holds its value well.
Audio Research Classic 60

Dodd Audio 8w amp

Music Reference RM10

Wavelength Junior

Dodd and Wavelength are pretty rare but the Audio Rezearch and Music Reference amps become available often

good luck and happy holidays

I like to say Conrad Johnson MV-55,or Primer 11 will good match your Proac Response 1SC.I use this set up to drive Proac response 2.5 sound pretty good.
CJ sound better than ARC class 60.
What about this?
I would look at a Plinius. I have a sa-50 that I use interchangeably with my BATvk-75se. The plinius is not tubes but is very good and can be run class A or A/B..single ended or balanced. Maybe a little more than your budget but well worth an extra 2-3 hundred.
I have the 1sc. I drive them with three different tube amps. The main amp is a pair of sound valves (Dyanco design) mono blocks M60's, which I purchased over ten years ago for about $1K. They often appear on e-bay for about $500. Sound great. I also have and use the intergrates Cayin 100 and Cayin 80 tube units. They also work well. The 80 can often be had for $1.2K. Cayin has great sound and are a real value. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these amps since if you don't like the sound they are easy to sell off.