Proac Original Response 2 VS Response 3

I own the original Response 2 and using the R2 Target stands. For the $ I put out for these British Classic Monitors I'm very happy but they do seem a bit thin and harsh/forward at times. Has anyone experienced this.

I have found a pair of Response 3 has anyone compared them..can the 3's image like the little brothers and give you the bottom end. I guess you can't have the best of both worlds unless you spend some serious bucks. Just wondering if it's worth the upgrade.
I used to own the 3's and loved their midrange and highs, but they were a little bass shy. I remember reading the best sub to mate was the Muse but the Rel's might be best now days. I was using a Krell 300S and went to B&W when I sold them.
i used to own Response 2, and now own 3.5.
I agree with Krell that the 3.5 are a bit bass shy, however so are the R2 which is why i moved to the 3.5. the 3.5 however, I feel an all around good performer, bass is adequate, the positives outweigh any minute shyness in the bass. I am using a JC Verdier Audio Bloc 2 to drive the Proacs 3.5 which is a 20 watt tube amp. the results are amazing.

I say give it a go, while i too love what a gr8 pair of quality monitors can do, you cannot replace the fullness that a floorstander offers.
A little off topic, but I upgraded from ProAc 1SC's to 2.5's. I lost a lot of what I loved in the 1SC's, imaging was a big one, so if you love the way the 2's image I don't think you will get that from one of the bigger ProAc Speakers, althogh good for a bigger speaker, they are a bigger speaker. I think if you where to give us some info on what else you have in your system you would get better advice. Your sourcemay be bright, cables, amps? I tryed many CD players in my system and many of the "highly rated players I tryed where VERY VERY bright to my ears.
I have heard that the Proac's excell with tubes...but here we go again another upgrade and alot more $ 2-3K for a good tube amp.

I have some older gear which I feel is very good value in audio like the R2. Front End- Goldmund/Meta Research Laser 1 & Convert 1 Xport/Dac, Pre- First Sound Reference II passive, Amp- Eagle 2C SS, Cables-Cardas Quadlink 5C, Digital Cable-Goldmund Lineal, Amp PC-Cardas Golden Power.
I'm not one to join the speaker of the month club but man I wish I could I would buy the 75K kharma's for sale here on the Gon Driven by Tube Research Labs and then Wadia for source. Nothing wrong with dreaming right....
I owned both Respone 2s and 3s. The 3s were a significant upgrade and lost NOTHING in terms of imaging or anything else. They won't give you a really exended low end, but the bass is substantially better than the 2. Both are great speakers. I've seen the 3s for around $2K, which is a real bargain IMO.
I've owned the ProAc 2, 3.5, 3.8, and now the D80. You will find that Audio Research tubed amps sound fabulous with ProAcs and an excellent match. The ProAc 2 is a wonderful speaker but care must be made when matching it to one's system. I found that both cable and amplifier choice really make a difference in the sound. If you are interested in better bass I would pass up the 3 and the 3.5 over the 3.8. I found the 3.8s bass to be significally better than that of the 3.5.
Both the Rseponse 2 and 3 work fabulously well with tubes, IME. My old pair of 2s is now being driven to great success by a friend's 6-watt SET monoblocks. I wouldn't have believed it either. This same amp sounded great with my 3s as well.
My friend is trading his 3.8,s for D-80,s and i'm trading my 3.5,s for his 3.8's. any thoughts? Just how good are the new D-80,s?
Thanks, Mike

IMO the 3.8 is better in every regard than the 3.5. Not only is the bass better but the 3.8 has a more refined midrange and upper end. I owned the 3.5 for 3 years before upgrading to the 3.8 which I owned for 5 years. Definitely worth the upgrade. The D80 is in a different league altogether with a significantly better bottom end, more detail, but with a warmer midrange and cleaner top end. Really magnificent sound with Audio Research tubed amp and preamp. A must audition speaker for anyone looking in that price range.
Definitely worth the upgrade! I have owned R2s, R3s and have just got myself R3.8s. I agree with the R2s sounding a bit thin, though you can forgive them when everything is so well imaged. The soundstage developed by R3s is huge and liquid-like in comparison. You don't quite get the pin-point imaging of the R2s but the whole of the music meshes together far more coherently (and realistically) with the R3s.

R3.8s are a totally different beast again and lose a bit of magic of the earlier polyprop cone designs. If you have enjoyed R2s then R3s will be the best of both worlds (and a bit of a new one too).