Proac D38 owners

have just upgraded my system to accuphase A-45 amp 45 watts class A, C2410 preamp, and CDP 67 CD player, i am looking to match them with the new Proac D38R, i am a little concerned that the low output of the amp may not drive the speakers loud enough, any one who had a similar powered amp driving a D38 can comment
driving the d38 with anything less then 200 watts will not give you power you need, assuming your room is average size (13x16).
How big is your room?
My room is 8.5 x 5 meters
The D38 with the A45 should be more than fine. The A45 is very powerful amp despite its 45w rating.
In case you havent bought the D38, another fine match with the A45 is the Harbeth SHL5s.
Good luck... Great stuff!!
All greetings, I have ProAc D38 with Naim column system very good but require the powerful amplifier, I operate them by means of Naim 250.2 80 watt, on small loudness it would be desirable more power.
Hello all D38 owners, I own a pair of these for 2yrs+. Hraouf1 your A-45 will run @ 90watts /ch and not 45 as the D38's are 4 ohms. ProAc say even when running them with high quality amps with an output as low as 10w /ch will be fine. I run my D38's with Accuphase E-408 Int Amp (260w /ch) & DP-57 CDP (just love the Accuphase gear !!) and was thinking soon of upgrading to the E-550 (60w /ch class A) ...I thought the same problem but my local dealer said it's no problem at all, they said the 60w 'class A' output is not the same when compared to in class A-B - its apparently higher. Re: D38's are u going for the 'R' version ...have u heard a comparison between the normal D38 and 'R' - would like to know which sounds better - soft dome or ribbon?? ProAc's soft dome still produce stunningly gorgeous highs...
Hi. I have heard the D38's (I was considering buying them) at a dealers being used with audio note amps with much less power than the amp you are considering. There were no issues even with big symphony pieces.
noliton, thanks but i have the choice between the proacs or the martin logans.
justrody, thanks a lot, the dealer i am dealing sells a lot of proacs with cary audio, and according to him its relatively better with the carrys but not by a wide margin. any how i am intending to go for the R and ill let you know the results as soon as i hear them.
and by the way i have the same setup like yours in another house but with the D25.