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Modwright KWA 150 and Proac D38R
I listen ProAc d38 and KWA-150, it is sung much better than my former Naim by 250.2 amplifier. I loved Naim-ProAc a sheaf and when has made amplifier replacement, have grown fond of system even more. It is enough bass with this amplifier. 
Speaker Cables for Devore Fidelity Ref Silverbacks
I had cable Chord Signature year and six months in system Naim-ProAc, the cable does a sound live, very detailed, beautiful and tasty, equal on all frequencies. I recommend. 
Owners ProAc D38 - what components at you?
Thanks Realhifi, Than better Naim in difference from ARC? And how on place Naim will sound Modwright LS 36.5/KWA 150? Poweramp Naim and Modwright are similar on a sound.Best Regards. 
Proac D38 owners
All greetings, I have ProAc D38 with Naim column system very good but require the powerful amplifier, I operate them by means of Naim 250.2 80 watt, on small loudness it would be desirable more power.