Proac D25's

What do you guys think of matching some Proac D25's with my McIntosh C2200/ MC402 combo? 13 X 16 room with 8.5' ceilings and listening to all genres (leaning towards folk,rock though). Do they really go into the low 20 Hz range? Thanks. Dave
Dave, one always has to remember that frequency does not only depend on equipment, but on room, too. I am not sure I would put D25's into room of this size. While having reasonably decent lows (useful not being in the 20s, but in mid 30s), they could sound boomy in smaller rooms. I had 25s in a much larger room in my previous house (probably 24 by 18) and they were OK, but when I tried them in a smaller roo (similar to yours) the base was very unpleasant.
Good luck.