Totem Hawk vs Proac 140's


I currently have the Totem Hawk speakers. They are driven with a Cary SLI-80 Signature integrated amplifier. I am considering a used Proac Studio 140 (not the MKII). To me what's really important is a very natural, warm mid range, airiness, and 3d/deep/wide sound stage. I've read good reviews of the Proac 140 and was wondering whether that will be a step up in the audio attributes that are important to me. I would appreciate feedback from anyone who might know these 2 speakers well. Also, my room is currently a 11 by 10.5 ft, and the speakers have to be on the short side.

Thanks for any feedback or advice!
I heard the Totem and 140's at a dealer. I took the 140's home for a try. Was impressed, so I purchased the 140's, which I custom ordered from the UK. I run them on various tube platforms. My room is 11x13, so it might work for you. My room has extensive room treatments that I am sure effect the sound I get. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a ProAc fan. I still have and use the 1SC's and Tablettes. If I have one reservation about the 140's it is that they could see improvement in the bass. I am in the process of putting my NHT subs to a try, outside the 140's.