What type amp to drive proac response 2.5

Research so far is giving me conflicting info . Some are saying 200 watt ss is required to obtain best sound from these speakers . Others say tubed gear . Anyone have experience with this ?
I had a 2.5 which I drove with Cayin's 100T. I sold off the 2.5 and returned to the 1SC's I've had for a long time. Reason for the sell off was the 1sc's just sounded better.
That cayin and a primaluna dialouge 2 are what i am looking at if those are enough to drive 2.5's . Moderate to pretty high volumes ocasionally .
What is your budget?
Its a tube-friendly speaker. 60 watts is a nice power with them too. We've had lots of customers using 2.5s.
I am using Quicksilver V4 amps to drive my Proac 2.5 and I am very pleased with the results. You can see my system on Audiogon.
I heard them sound great driven by ARC electronics
Budget right now is around 2k on the used market . But i almost spent 3k on a pair of Atmasphere monoblocks but was too late on making a decision and they sold. In the distant future i plan on getting some ARC gear but not quite in the budget yet .
The Response 2.5 really sound great with EL-34 tubes. They are also fairly inefficient at 83 db. If you are patient you should be able to buy a used pair of Quicksilver V4 amps in your price range (under $3,000).

In the interim you can power the speakers with something else and sell it when you find a set of Quicksilver V4. That is the great thing about used equipment.

If your room is not large you may not need that much power. What are you using now and what is the rest of your system?

I hope you find a great solution.
My room is 15x20 . I am using a denon flagship pre hdmi receiver . I had a Nakamichi pa7 and c7 which i sold . And used a carver 400t amp. This is all i have used to power these speakers so far . I have had the speakers for only 4 months . They sound better than any box speakers i have owned in the past even with the subpar gear i am currently using . I am expecting much more from them with a tube setup or better ss .
2K budget-go with all McCormack electronics. The DNA series is really musical and reliable, and can be upgraded to current specs by Steve McCormack. Try to get the Deluxe models because they have better connectors and wire.
The great thing about used equipment is that you can keep experimenting until you get it right, and for a minimum cost if you buy carefully. I think you should buy some tube amps you think you can resell with minimal, if any loss, and see how they sound. Quicksilver or Music Reference would be my picks. Preferably something with an EL-34 tube.
You should be able to find a very nice tube amp for that price. 60 watts ought to do nicely.

You can find refurbished Harmon Kardon Citation 2s for that price.
There is a pair of Quicksilver Silver 60 on Audiogon now. I have no affiliation and do not know the seller. I just saw the ad.
The ProAc 2.5s were the speakers I owned longest over about 3 years. I used them with Sonic Frontiers Power 2, Levinson 331 and Plinius SA 100mkII. The Plinius was the best match, especially when switched to Class A. All of these are going to go beyond your $2k budget. These speakers need power and current. The only amp I did not get to try and was told it would work quite well was the ARC Vt100 mkxx.