Pro-ject Xtension 10 vs. VPI Prime vs. Amadeus

I have a Well Tempered Amadeus currently, which I have owned for 2 years, and been fairly happy. Just curious if one of these new high mass turntables would be an upgrade, and if so, which one?
Particularly interested in hearing from someone who has compared the Xtension 10 to the Prime.
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Do you feel you have played enough with Damping (golf ball) cup, and VTA. Not trying to second guess, but it does make
a difference, as you are likely aware of.
The Amadeus will be hard to beat. I had a Nott Spacedeck prior to mine and the Amadeus made it sound broken.

The Prime has the 3D arm......not easy to get better than that.
For 3500, the VPI Prime is hard to beat. The 3D arm is one reason it's called Prime. The VPI tables are reliable as Hell and do not need constant tweaking. They sound like music.
and vertical adjustment tower, Classic platter, and looks and sounds great!
Just a minor correction regarding the VPI Prime, while it was initially introduced at a special $3,500 price it has been $3,800 since the beginning of 2015.
I think $3,800 with tonearm is a reasonably priced rig. It's tough with analog. I have heard opinions on VPI Classic vs. Amadeus, and one dealer who had experience with VPI, Nottingham, and WTL. Its hard to draw a conclusion, because there's so many variables. Was cartridge the same, and then would that also hold true with a different cartridge. I would think the Prime would be easy to sell, plus have good resale value. I think that holds true with a standard Amadeus as well.
fjn04, yes, I have it pretty well tweaked. I am pretty happy with it. I am just wondering if more performance is avaiable now for about the same money.
I also have a Thorens TD124 which provides a nice change. I would like a turntable which provides the best of both. I thought maybe a high mass table might do that.