Primare A32 - any thoughts?

I am about to upgrade to bigger heavy-weight amp. I own the Primare PRE30 truly excellent preamp, considering the big Primare A32 (2x250/400W), fully balanced Swedish behemont as solution for power amp.

Any experience with A32 guys? Thank you.
excellent amp....sonically reminisant of early electrocompaniet ampliwire....great bass control too.
Thanx Jaybo,

I am interested to know a bit more about your experience with the Primare A32. You own it? What other components have consisted the set-up? Any comparison vs other amp you are familiar with, except Electrocompaniet early amps (unfamiliar for me)?
I ,v noticed that you have Gradient revolutions in your system , which i do have also ,Im thinking of the primare a32 for this, upgrading from Bryston 3bst would you say i would be in the right direction? ....unfortunatly i can,t audition it so if i do so i would be buying without hearing. Please let me know whatever comes through your mind.
getting more power to the gradients is generally a good thing. the primare is plenty powerful and still maintains a bit of midrange sweetness. other amps i've heard that have a similar charater to the primare are the mccormick dna500 and the mcintosh mc602 (the mac was overkill, but nice). the primare has enough midrange openness to warrant it over a larger bryston, and the pairing should create some of the most articulate bass you've ever heard too.
Thanks a lot for your valuable input. Seems like this is the one i will be getting.
I looked at Primare's website, and it is a 89 lb. amp with 16 outputs per channel, designed by Michael Bladelius, formerly of Threshold. At $5,000, it seems like a bargain.

I am curious what this unit sounds like. Anyone else hear or own one?

Zormi, it seems you are the only person who has the Pre 30. What did you compare it to?
I own two preamps - Primare PRE30 and Rotel RC-1090. Primare overall better, but not by a hugh margine... No too much stereo preamps available on market in my place for direct A/B-ing, but following audio forums I consider PRE30 as the most affordabe true high-end pre...

I found PRE30 great match with the Parasound Halo A21. If you're looking for 250Wpc power, this one should be the best available for the money... A32 declared the same power 250/400Wpc on 8/4 ohms as the Halo A21, and is probably slightly better than Halo (looking at price/veight differences - A32 pricier/bigger). A32 remains on my list of future upgrades.