Primaluna Dialogue HP integrated

Anyone using one?  What are you opinions/feelings?  What were you running before?  What kind of speakers are you using?  Thank you!
can't comment on the integrated, but have the HP power amp. Seems to be able to drive just about any speaker. I also removed the stock SCR caps and inserted Jensen Copper foils. The Jensens are much more musical and organic sounding than the scrs.
What amplifier were you using previously?  How would you describe low bass detail and power?
I currently have the HP Integrated.  I like it a lot.  Previously used it with Totem Sttaf speakers. (sensitivity at 87db).  Now currently using it with Devore Fidelity Gibbon 88 (sensitivity at 90db if remember correctly).  Anyway, the HP Integrated seems really reliable and well built.  I like the sound.  I would say it is forward and has a lot of "slam" and dynamics.  Having said that it seems to be an amp where you can "tune" the sound with experimentation (which I have not done).  But for instance when I switched to the Devore Fidelity the vocals are more forward than before and from what I have read you can tube roll to your heart's content to adjust the sound.  I need more time with the Gibbon 88's and placement etc before I do anything though.  Previous amps were Outlaw Audio and Yamaha - it was a great leap forward (and should be) but instantly heard instruments that I had not heard before and the soundstage expanded and there was great separation among the instruments right away when the only thing that changed was the Prima Luna plugged (i.e. the speakers and placements were the same)
My PL HP  is going on 2 years. Upgraded from a Prologue 2 which I enjoyed for several years. It didn't have a remote, so that was a big factor upgrading to the HP.

Sonic wise, the HP just delivers what all the reviews state.
Geat sound is subjective, I compare what my system sounds like to the uber systems I like, at shows/stores. IMO, the HP 
with the appropriate $$  level source/speakers AND room setup, approaches the REALLY nice systems for considerably less.

Speakers used-Opera Seconda floorstander(sealed) & REL B3 sub. Nordost plumbed from wall-power plant-speakers.
The model I use is several years old and has been revised a couple of times. If I get the itch in a couple of years, I will splurge 5K+on some used Sonus Faber speakers and 2 subs.

I dont feel the need to go separates-linestage/amps. Although, If I started from scratch, with a few more bucks,I would get the HP monoblocs/pre, just because.

I am debating on getting the PL Dialogue HP to run Wilson Audio Sashas's which are 91db. I currently haven an Arcam A49 which is great with the speakers, just looking for a change. Other one I am considering is a ss Pass Labs INT 60. Wish I knew how each would sound and if the HP has enough to drive my Sasha's. 
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