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Disappointment with Pass Labs - I'm looking for something else
The 30.8 is NOT a 30 watt amp.  It is 30 watts of class A, but goes well beyond 30 watts.  It has lots of headroom.  If you are lacking definition and if it sounds muddy, I would say the speakers are what is causing your issue, not the Pass. 
Cartridge recommendation for Pioneer PL-550
@roberjerman do you have a specific model in mind?  Have you heard one on this table? 
Cartridge recommendation for Pioneer PL-550
Thank you @dekay. It is crazy how difficult it is to find such basic information.  I am very confused as there are many people suggesting the Denon DL-110, but according to the resonance calculator, with the cartridge being so light and the compli... 
Which To Choose...Devore Fidelity O/93 vs Zu Soul Supreme ?
I have the Soul Supremes and I think that they are wonderful.  That being said, they are EXTREMELY revealing of a poor source.  
Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII
I used it with Zu DW with great results.  I was just thinking today that if I had never moved on from the Dynamo and DWs that I would have been perfectly happy.  Great pairing. 
Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?
Pass XA30.8 
Subwoofer Recommendation for Harbeth SHL5+
What about the Zu subs?   
Recommended SET amp and speakers to 20k
After many years of trial and error, I now own Coincident Frankensteins and Zu Soul Supremes.  I could not be happier. 
Efficient, affordable speakers for SETs?
@rickraymond59 couldn't agree with you more! 
Luxman - Shindo - Mcintosh ?
I owned an MC275 and went to Coincident Frankensteins.  I will never sell these amps.  Simply amazing.  I am running Zu Soul Supremes which are 16 ohm as well. 
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
I have been tormented over this decision for months now.  EML XLS, Elrog, Psvane Acme or ?.  Israel has been right every time so far, so I am taking his advice.  I am ordering a pair of Acmes.  He claims they are the best for the Franks.  I will r... 
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
I'll be honest, I love what I am hearing.  At the same time, I always am surprised and love to hear improvements.  I mainly want to be sure that the EMLs are a good match for the Franks before I splurge.   
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
@charles1dad  the amps sounded wonderful out of the box.  If anything, they are more cohesive now.  The treble settled down and bit and, especially with the KRs, the bass is fuller.  As we discussed, I am concerned about the XLS higher voltage req... 
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
I can’t say enough positive things about the Franks. Simply amazing. Thank you for the tip. 
Coincident Frankenstein mk.2 amps
I have the MK III.  Other than the stock Psvanes, I tried some KR Anniversaries.  They really sound great.  Definite improvement.  I am lusting after the Takatsukis, but I don't have 2K.  Trying to put together the cash to purchase Psvane Acmes.  ...