Preamp to pair with my Adcom?

I'm looking for a preamp to pair with my Adcom GFA-555 amp and Chapman T7 speakers. It will replace my Adcom GTP-500 tuner/preamp. I'd like something to help smooth out the treble. Needs to have remote control. I listen to jazz, rock, some classical. I've been considering Parasound P3, Arcam C31 (on the high side pricewise)...even ditching the GFA-555 as well and replacing both with a Rogue Cronus. Any suggestions? Older Sony ES CDP is normally the only source I use.
The Rogue is far superior to the Adcom pieces. If you decide to keeo the amp a tube preamp (Quicksilver, Audio Mirror, etc.) will help tame the Adcom.
Pair the GFA-555 with anything but an Adcom preamp. One would think there is some synergy between Adcom components but I found that is not exactly true a few years ago. You want to make the GFA-555 really sing, pair it with an ARC preamp (the LS series LS-1 or LS-2), you will be very surprised at the results.
I had mine hooked up to a Superphon Basic and it sounded great with both my Sansui and Martin Logan SL3's.If you can find one they are relitively inexpensive.
I had both the Adcom 555II amp and Chapman T7 spkrs, and was using Audible Illusions M3 with good results ...YMMV


The only website for ARC I can find is for car audio. Do you have a link for them?

Never mind, I figured it out, I think. ARC is Audio Research?
MapleTree Audio preamp new about $650 and then you are done.
Reedthis, when you say you want to smooth out the treble are you looking for a warmer sound or a more extended, refined sound?
Reed, the best thing I ever did in the world of audio was ditch my Adcom power and pre amps. In the years I had them I hardly if ever sat down and did dedicated listening, it was always as music in the bakground. When I had the $$ to do something about it I did. With my new amp and pre, I hardly ever DON'T sit down and listen intently.
I would more refined, although warmer might apply as well. The highs are a little harsh at times. But I don't want them to be muted.
Readthis, the ARC preamps I suggested will make the GFA-555 more transparent and closer to three dimensional. Will also extend the treble but it will be more refined (alot less noticable grain) & pull more detail from your recordings. Either the LS-1 or LS-2 are relatively inexpensive compared to other ARC preamps and are hybrid. They use only one triode tube with mosfet followers & are not considered to be very warm sounding but lean more towards accuracy. This suggestion is based on the idea you intend on keeping the GFA-555 to save a few dollars as there are better amps like the McCormacks.
Okay, thanks for your help, guys. For now I'll keep running the CDP directly into the power amp until I decide on the best preamp option, or to replace all the Adcom stuff.