Preamp suggestions for Belles 400/Snell Type A

I'm relatively new to the game and am building around the following:
- Belles 400 amp (200wpc at 8 ohms, 400wpc at 4 ohms)
- Snell Type A/i (4 ohm)
- Rega Planar 3/RB300 + Pioneer PL-600 DD

I am looking for suggestions on a preamp that will match well. My wish list is (1) $750 or under; (2) prefer a remote control for source/volume; (3) warm side of neutral; (4) decent phono stage (can get one without phono, but will then want to spend less); (5) doesn't require me to upgrade, solder or otherwise monkey with it

I've been buying/borrowing equipment and a Vincent SV236 integrated that I borrowed made the Snell's sound great. I liked the deep bass and color, although there was perhaps a bit too much. I've tried my old Adcom GTP500 and that sounds awful to me - cold and uninvolving.

I've been considering an Aragon 24k (no remote), Forte F44 on eBay (no phono), B&K Pro10/CS115-117. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Find used Classe CP-60. There ones that go with or without phono. They go cheap because they're about to be serviced. In 15...20 years the recap on these units will be due to maintain proper specified performance.
Bryston older models (like .5b) that may/maynot have a phono are also solid performers.
If you'll have to look for an outboard phono, you can get Musical Fidelity XPS that has 2 inputs which is very suitable for your 2 turntables instead of reconnecting them. One you can find in low $2xx range.
You won't find a Classe in your price point with remote, the old DR Pre's don't have remote, the next newer Classe's Model Five or Six has remote, but I doubt you'll find one for $750...The next newer are mentioned CP50 or CP60. If you can get one for $750, these are nice Pre's. The best single pre that has remote that I can think of in that price range will be a Musical Fidelity A3CR, Probably $600. You could probably find one of the Pass Designed pre's for Adcom, it is in a different league than any other Adcoms made before it, it is the GFP-750, but I wouldn't call it warm, still nice pre, it will eat any other adcom before it. If you can find one, a Muse model 3 is great, right at that price too, there is also a Muse Model 3 Signature, I would expect to pay just a tad more...
I hope this helps, Tim
Looked around at current listings for you, there is an Older Innersound on here for $750, this is designed by Coda, it looks to be a model from 2000 to 2004, but that's a guess, should be a nice pre for $750 and there is a Chinese unit... Jaton Operetta, not bad either.
Good luck with your search, Tim
A couple of years ago I sold Classe 30 which is earlier version of CP-60 with remote.
Even if one doesn't have a remote it definitely has capabilities to have one.
Bryston .5b would not have one agree.
In my opinion the 30 would be a wonderful $350 to $400 pre... I believe the Classe Lineage was DR was Dave Reich, when he left they took the DR5 Dr6 etc and did an update, which produced the Model Five, Six etc These were the first models with remote... next came the 3o/40/50/60...
30 was bottom of the line, 60 was top of the line, next came the cp30 - cp60, next came CP35 - CP65 and in between, they threw in a CP47.5...... The 30 is a fine preamp, but not in the league of the CP60... I recall the 30 being fairly smooth, fairly accurate, but not very detailed, nor throwing a great stage. I recall the Bryston .5 being more detailed, but a tad hard on top for my taste, at least in the combo that I heard it in, but I am talking a whole bunch of years since I have listened to any of these, but overall, I believe that everything that I stated is in line, maybe a model out of place but overall accurate.
I hope this helps, Tim
Ahhh, now that I posted my last response, I see your point, the 30 has a remote and is a Classe... Ok, I fold, but the 30 is not in the league sound quality wise as the other pre's that I mentioned in the budget asked to fill.
****1) $750 or under; (2) prefer a remote control for source/volume; (3)
warm side of neutral; (4) decent phono stage (can get one without phono,
but will then want to spend less); (5) doesn't require me to upgrade, solder
or otherwise monkey with it****

IMO, you just described the Meitner PA-6i. Terrific sounding ss preamp
often described as tube-like with excellent phono section (either MC or
MM), remote with source, vol, bal, phase) and looks fantastic in its polished
mahogany case; a real sleeper in this price range. They show up used on a
regular basis and sell in the $400 range (used). You would them have
enough money left over to buy a pair of these sometime, which if they sell
for anywhere near $400 would be a steal. These compliment the PA6 in
appearance (no affiliation with seller):

Thanks, all. I purchased a Canary CA-960 (limited edition upgraded CA-900). I broke the following - it has no remote and no phono stage.

I'm giving it a whirl. It's tough, as I don't have much of a basis for comparison, other than my memory of the Vincent preamp a friend lent me. Right now, my memory of the Vincent is stronger than the Canary with Belles (warmer, richer, more engaging), but the setup sounds like it is improving - today sounds better than last night, when I unboxed and hooked everything up. I think the Canary is virtually new, so it may need some break-in time.

I may buy another preamp to compare with and sell the lesser of the two.
I drought any folks above ever heard a Belles 400
Correct me if I am wrong
Used Audible Illusions M3 worked great with it.