Preamp n amp 2ch for my legacy focus se ?

Hi i am alfredo i need recomendation to match for my legacy focus se speakers a good preamp and power amp for 2 ch , I considered the ps audio bhk preamp with ps audio bhk 250 amp , or the anthem str preamp with the anthem str power amp , or the McIntosh c2700 preamp with the McIntosh mc462 amp , any recomendation or comparation in sound of thes 3 brand , let me now alfredo thanks :)
I answered your other post, you should delete this one. 
You need to share what your sound preferences are. 

I hear a lot of rock n roll 70” 80” 90” zepellin Pink Floyd black sabath GNR, Metallica the police , rush  u2  deep purple, muse , queen  tool , nine inch nails, the cure , and like electronic music , blues