Preamp choice for Paradigm Active 20

Looking for folks who run Active 20's to comment on the Preamps they use. I am looking to set up a system in my home office where I will be listening to mostly rock, and for right now, exclusively from digital sources.

Thanks for your input
Don't own them, but have heard Sunfire and Rotel pre amps. Much prefered the sunfire, but would look around for others. Maybe the anthem pre?
Rogue 66 or 99
Because you may be running a good length of cable...since your interconnect must go all the way to the speaker-you may wish to opt for an active pre amp. Wright Co. makes a nice tube line stage that would drive the interconnects and looks great doing it-and for the $$$ sounds awesome.

Adcoms high end pre also has an active stage,( I think) if you wanted to stay solid state...and lastly the Pass Aleph L has a passive active linestage in one unit, and is very transparent.

Good Luck