Pre-amp synergy with DNA- 225 and 500?

Hello Everyone, upgrade bug is biting again so, I am very much in need of the expertise that's always found here in abundance. I'm planning the pairing of a BAT VK-51SE to my DNAs. I'm concerned with it matching ( input " ohm " wise ) with my DNA-225 & 500 amplifiers. I already have special interconnects ( Signalcable SRs ? ) in mind to connect the balanced BAT to the DNA-225 and I think the DNA-500 ' may ' be okay since it already has balanced inputs. But I do not want to alter, restrict, or short change the performance of either the three components with this pairing. Please advise/pass along your coments, and thank you for your share of knowledge in this matter, it is always appreciated. May all that love this hobby prosper, and live long, Cheers !!
You might just contact McCormack in Virginia or contact Steve McCormack directly at SMc Audio where he modifies McComack gear.
Your suggestion is truly sound advice, one which by it's execution I could not go wrong. I also wanted to see if there's others out here that may have had the same concerns or desire of such pairing, one that in the sharing of thier answer/s we also have a varied range of responses. But thank you ever so much for your input, greatly appreciated.

The 225 will work well with lower gain preamps and passive linestages. The 500 will require a preamp with jump decent voltage gain.

I could sound rhetorical but McCormack is owned by Conrad Johnson and their amps are manufactured with the rest of the CJ line in Fairfax. Could we presume matching with CJ preamps should be optimal ?
It is probably not too far-fetched that McC and cj have collaborated and listened to their respective gear in systems containing both brands. Truth be told cj tube preamps mated with McC amps have been a good match since before cj bought out McC.