Powerstrip order q

I have a Arcam CD33 and im biamping Arcam A90 for highs and Arcam P90 for lows. speakers are PMC GB1.

My Q is which one shall be first on the powerstrip and i have one place free direct to the wall, which one shall i put there ?

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Since you have the power strip and the components, it would seem that you are in the best position to answer that question.

However, from a theoretical perspective and regardless of your equipment, I would say it really matters little which order you put them in for the following reasons:

1. Your cdp player (and DAC if you use one) generates digital noise back into the strip and infiltrates your other components regardless of which order they are plugged.

2. If any one of your amps draws much current at all, then the other amps and/or even the little current draw from your cdp may well be just enough to choke the amp(s) of the juice they need to reproduce the more dynamic and/or complex music passages.

3. Depending on the quality of your power bar, it may well be inducing it's own sonic harm into the mix.

I think the best solution would be to:

o Consider installing dedicated circuits/lines for each component. Or at least one for each amp, one for all digital, and one for all analog (preamp, turntables, etc.).

o Consider dedicated line conditioners that also provide bi-directional filtering.

o Then consider an audio grade power bar if you still need one.

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Thanks a lot Stehno !