Help with outlet / powerstrip question

I am about to replace my wall outlet with a Hubble outlet. I need to plug in several pieces of equipment (Amp, Pro, DVD, TV, HDTV Tuner, VCR and Tivo) and do not have but 2 outlets. How should things be hooked up? I have a low end Panamax (PM8DBS3) power strip that I have been using.

Should I put in two Hubble outlets? That would give me 4 items to plug into.

Should I keep everything in that and plug it into the wall outlet?

I also use an APC UPS for my Tivo. Does that need to go into a different wall outlet or can it plug into the same wall outlet as the Panamax?

Thanks for the advice.
youll notice a big change just with the hubble,amp direct in the wall,digital seperate if way is deticated ac for both amp and digital,with individual circut breakers and grounds.imho.
For the best sound plug your amp direct in the wall. Your other components will benefit from "line conditioning" which you don't have. You can experiment with different components like DVD or processor if you have an extra outlet that you can by-pass the Panamax. It probably won't make that much difference. It could be worse if digital hash from these components back feeds through the amp.

In the ideal system you would have separate circuits for amp, analog and digital etc... You don't, so it's ok if you plug your UPS and panamax in the same duplex/quadplex.

Keep in mind, inexpensive gear can sometimes benifit more from line conditioning and isolation because they have cheap power supplies and regulation.
Unless you're a renter, you (and your system) will benefit substantially by having an electrician install dedicated lines. It's usually not as expensive as even a modest line conditioner. And unlike Steuspeed above, my line conditioners -- Tice Power Block III and PS Audio Power Plant (for front-end gear) --make a further audible sonic improvement compared to plugging them directly into the wall. The difference is easy to hear, in my system at least. Good luck, Dave.
Thanks for the advice. I do plan to run a dedicated circuit. I did not know I should run one for digital and analog. I will plan that as well. I do hope to add line conditioning down the road.
I use a Monster HTS 2000 Power Cord Extention Conditioner,and have that plugged into a Porter Outlet that is Cyro Treated.This seems to work very effectively.I also plug in my front end system straight into the cyro outlet as well.In this case it is my turntable.I plug my tube power amp into its own outlet since it can push 15 amps on its own.
Eventually I will get a Porter Port Outlet for my Amp as well.I have taken my Monster Power Strip out of the cyro treated outlet and the sound stage would collapse and the highs would become somewhat brittle and hard in comparison to the cyro treated outlet.
I just thought I should bring this up as well,since it may help out your system all the more.