Powerstrips: Oyaide MTB vs Acoustic Revive RTP

Hi, has anyone have any experience with either of these products? I currently have all Oyaide wall outlets in my system and am in the process of adding the Oyaide plugs to my power cords. Needless to say I am very happy with what the Oyaide products have done for my system. Because of the number of outlets I need, I was thinking about adding a power strip to my system. I have tried a few AC regenerators and filters (PS Audio, Shunyata, IsoClean, etc) and have found these to make very little difference in my system. Therefore I must assume that the power in my house is pretty good. I assume both of these are just power strips with no filtering? Anyway, any input on either of these power strips would be greatly appreciated.
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you might add the Audience adept-Response aR1p to your list of power conditioning products to consider using.

i have 11 Oyaide RS-1 duplex outlets in my system. for 7 of them i use the Jena Labs Fundamental One power cords, which include in line conditioners and are $1800 each. i have just added multi-channel to my 2-channel room. for the rear channels i am using the Murano digital amps. i already have the RS-1 outlets next to the amps. i have ordered and should receive tomorrow a pair of the aR1p units for these rear amps. these are relatively inexpensive ($500 each) and they will actually plug right into my RS-1 outlets. i can then have very short (12") power cords connecting the aR1p to the amps. this will give me sufficient isolation for the digital amps without limiting dynamics or breaking the bank.

i have listened to the large adept Response unit and it is very good without the normal down-sides of isolation units.

on my rear channels this should be fine.
Thanks Mike, I will definitely look into the Audience product. I am hoping to arrange a demo of the Acoustic Revive soon as well. Thanks again!
Tboooe, I too have been down the path you have traveled. I still use an IsoClean outlet strip and am very interested in the new Acoustic Revive RTP-6evolution power strips with the CCR-DX outlets just added. A dealer friend has ordered one so I expect to soon know how good it is. Certainly the importer is raving about it. Given my previous experiences with Acoustic Revive, I am most receptive.
TBG, if you dont mind i would be greatly appreciative if you could let me know your impressions of the RTP. I am trying to arrange a demo myself.
Tboooe, you may well know the price I pay for posting my impressions from the "know nothings," but nevertheless I will.

I have tried Isoclean, Oyaide MTB, Acoustic Revive RTP Ultimate, Ayre, Shunyata, Walker Velocitor, BPT PPT (Oyaide + ERS options), QRT Powerbar, Audience (top end model) one or two re-gen i cannot remember.

As a rule of thumb i personally prefer the non-active, non-caps, non re-gen types. I prefer correct timing/speed to ultimate blackness. So for me, no Isoclean, no Audience, no re-gens, no Shunyata. I own the QRT Sym Pro with the BBT PPT power strip (Oyaide + ERS options) and I've upgraded all my plugs to Oyaide incl carbon wall sockets. For a long while, it's the best bang for buck. I recently tried the Acoustic Revive RTP Ultimate and that thing is amazing. Superbly natural, effortless and digs up subtle details esp in the bass region never before heard. It's not overt and won't hit you in the face but over extended listening session, you won't want to give it back.

In terms of my preferred ones atm: BPT (value for money), Ayre (quieter but relatively speaking more shut in) then finally Acoustic Revive.

Walker is good but pricy and things have moved on. Forget the QRT power bar, v coloured. Audience is nice but colour (but in a nice way). Oyaide MTB - not bad but competition far better.
hi Boy_lah to which Shunyata did you compare the A.R. to
I have not posted here in a long time. I have found the Synergistic Research PowerCell 10 SE quite superior to the Acoustic Revive RTP in that it is more dynamic and open. There also is the Weuzhi PRS-6 which I have heard but not in my system.

As I have said before, most ac filters hurt more than they help. After you get accustomed to them, removing them improves your sound. Try it.
I agree with Boy_lah's impressions from '08. The Adept Response is definitely colored, although in a nice way. I have to admit the injection of dynamics with the AR is quite addictive.

I also have the Ayre L5-XE and it's quite nice. It is a bit closed in sounding upon first listening, but there is no sound coloration or loss of slam or dynamics. Just airy and effortless sounding.
I have now tried the Ayre L5-XE, Running Springs Haley, and Acoustic Revive RTP ultimate.

The Acoustic Revive is the most transparent and neutral out of all of them.
Please audition the HB Designs power strip. The strip is completely passive and it works!
Thanks for the suggestion, but the HB powerslave is way more than I would like to spend.

I did upgrade to Audio Sensibility's Power Statement SE by Steven Huang and it's a big leap forward from the Acoustic Revive. Costs the same as an Acoustic Revive RTP-2, but has 3 Furutech GTX-D duplexes and Stillpoints mini risers