the benefits of romex & oyaide WPZ

ok, so ive a decent rig that has 4 dedicated lines, 8' of twisted pair 14/3 romex into Oyaide R1 outlets. but as the bozo who originally wired it, the dedicated lines had a break and were twisted together at a junction box.

todays changes: replaced romex w/ Oyaide in wall (10ga/3) cable from breaker box to outlet, and housed outlet in Oyaide WPZ mounting kit.

thats it.

its reduced fuzz and clearly deeper bass--much faster leading edge on bass trainsients.

now lets be clear about something. this was in a rig that already had dedicated lines & great AC outlets. replacing romex & putting a frame on an outlet shouldn't make such a big improvement, but it did. in comparison, its like a more expensive version of an interconnect..better clarity and detail.

if you're trying to get as far as you can, this is worth your effort, at really marginal expense. i wasnt expecting this degree of improvement.

great power folks, we're always listening to our power...
Agreed....getting rid of Romex and going with good quality OFC (10 gauge, I did not use Oyaide, just good high quality OFC) in a good conduit with correct grounding, etc....accompanied by Oyaide R1s did wonders for my last 2 systems as well!