Wiremold ''NAIM'' powerstrip prices what's this???

I was just wondering if there is a difference between the Wiremold ''Naim approved'' powerstrip sold for $ 56.00 and the one sold on the Allied Electronic website (http://www.alliedelec.com Allied part number 533-9218 for Wiremold part number L10320 )

I know of someone who ordered this unit for $ 31.23 plus $ 8.00 shipping and apparently it is the very same thing...

I do have an issue with anyone selling anything that is ABOVE FULL RETAIL PRICING.

I also find it a touch shady that the unit would be described as a ''NAIM'' powerstrip when there is no mention whatsoever of Naim anywhere on the product of packaging. I understand and agree that this Wiremold product is good, and that Naim ''approved''of it. Checking the Naim website however, the Wiremold strip has been ''replaced'' by a costlier one with apparent input from Naim in it's design.

Still, this $ 31.00 Wiremold strip from Allied seems like an excellent deal, if it is the same one as what is being offered by Audiogon, and if it is, may I suggest that at teh A-gon price of $ 56.00, it is way overpriced and contrary to the Audiogon buddy-buddy philosophy of doing business. Even if we include the $ 8.00 Allied usually charges for delivery ( meaning the strip comes in at around $ 39.00 )We are still talking close to 55% ABOVE USUAL RETAIL PRICING. Not much of a deal in my book.
they're the exact same thing. the only association they have with NAIM is that NAIM recommends them because they're of good quality, have no current limiting, and have have nothing in the circuit. (lights, etc)

they also say that you should plug things into it in reverse oerder of your stero chain, starting from the end with the AC cable: power amps, pre amps, sources. the theory is that if you have the high=drain devices as close to the juice as possible, the low-drain stuff won't rob them of dynamics by 'being in the way'

kinda like having a clear shot to the bathroom if you gotta yak.

The powerstrips are the same - both are Wiremold strips. I purchased mine from Allied
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I've ordered from Allied Electronics some very fine sounding binding posts which have made a huge sonic improvement to all the rec's/int.amps/spk's that I've tried them on. They are called "Superior Electric" BP-31's. Gold plated version only. 6/32, 8/32, and 10/32 diameter shafts. Around $5.50 for singles and $13 for double binding posts. They are a really great sounding, inexpensive replacement for the stock binding posts. (Only drawback, if you use bare wire they will not accept anything larger than 14ga. wire.) I recommend these highly and Allied Electronics as well.
Very interesting theory, Lazurus. I would think that components like sources would have significantly low power consumption relative to the amps. Therefore, the sources should have far less affect on the amps than the amps would have on the sources. If I remember from my Linn/Naim Theory 101 coursework, aren't we supposed to put everything we've got into the front end and not worry about the amps and speakers much at all?
they don't exactly say not to worry about the amps and speakers. they just say that there is a hierarchy. garbage in/garbage out. that's why they say to start at the source and work your way down.

makes sense to me! nothing downstream can improve wht's upstream.

like the docs say: 1st, do no damage.
gi/go is the same as the weakest link in the chain theory! Linn started the "put it all into the source" because at the time not only did they sell turntables, the turntable was the weakest link!

I just order the Wiremold L10320 from Allied today.
The description at Allied says it has a circuit breaker, but Naim USA or its dealers say no circuit breaker. After I take the L10320 apart I will report my findings.
Yes I just noticed this from allied that the description reports circuit breaker, and if you look at the pdf catalog page it may even indicate an led. Not sure but I did see the circuit breaker. I may give allied a call. I was ready to purchase one and then seen the description.
Just purchased one of these from Allied and it is 9 outlet with no switch, breaker or LED. The PDF catalog description is fortunately incorrect. Allied had it on my doorstep shipped UPS ground within three days of ordering online.
No they are not.
This powerbar is a bargain at Allied. They are charging $60 at audio stores. They were charging $100 at Canadian audio stores.
Not to bring this thread back from the dead, but this is what I love about these forums! I just purchased two of these strips from Allied for the price of one from an audio retailer. Thank you!
To update the price, they have virtually tripled from Allied. Now they are more in line with high-end product pricing.
$89.12 at the moment.