Power cord recommendation needed

I am looking for a power cord for both my amp (Jeff Rowland model 10T) and CDp (Wadia 850). I am told that the King Cobra ver 2 would do well with the CDp and the Electraglide Fatboy SE 24k connector with my amp. Is this consistent with what you may know ???? If not what other recommendations then?
I use the King Cobra v2 on all my digital gear, and the King Cobra v2 on my Rowland Model 10. The KC really excels at noise suppression and fullness on the digital, while the Model 10 responds well to its soundstaging and near-unlimited current delivery--it is a very open sound. I wonder whether the digital switch mode power supply being used in the new Rowland amps (Model 10 and 12) is why it seems to work with the King Cobra v2 as well as digital components do. Hmmm.... Surprisingly to me, I did not like any aftermarket cord, including any of the Powersnakes, on the Rowland Synergy II linestage, don't know why, that's just what I heard in my system. Guess it goes to show that "synergy" or the lack thereof is the key!
Are you using any AC conditioning? I'd certainly do that first, especially with components the quality of yours. I'd then order, with its 30-day money-back guarantee, as many Stealth HAC cords as you need. Disclosure: I know the Stealth designer, so assume a bias for his cables. But why not also see their technology at www.interlinkhouse.com?
Try PS Audio's Lab cable. It is extremely heavy duty and doesn't impart any sound of its own to the music. What more can you ask for?
check out the Granite audio #555 power cords they are just super!!! they offer a in home demo program you can try them for 30 days -- bought them from quest for sound the authorized dealer for granite ... check out ---- http://audiogo1.iserver.net/cgi-bin/classa5.pl?0&1&adlr&Questforsound&home&
Stick with the FatBoy/FatMan on amps!! This was Stereotimes recommendation as well. The King Cobra on Digital/analogue
For RF supression the King Cobras do the best. The triple sheilding on the PS cables make them great in a tight situation where a lot of cables cross, reducing induced noise in the system. For open, fast sound the Electroglides are unexcelled in my experience.
The Whale Elite and the Fatboy are both my favorite. Both have big bass and tremendous depth. They are both shielded so very quiet, and construction is the best. The detail and dynmaics are tight and accurate. It's a toss up between the two. Except the Whale is the bigger bargain. Also, have Vipers, but find them lean and bright. They work better on tube gear.
I use Custom Power Cord Company's (CPCC) Model 11 with my Model 10. Check out the review of the Rowland Model 8T in TAS, the reviewer used the Model 11 with good results although the power supplies are totally different between these two fine amplifiers.
I use the FIM Gold power cord with my Lamm 1.1 amplifiers. Eats the King Cobra V2's for lunch. Also it is half the price. Would be to your advantage to audition!
I second Tgraffair's response. I do like the KCv1, but the FIM Gold are simply amazing. The ElectraGlide isn't even in the running in my system compared to the FIM Gold.
Nex - FIM stands for First Impression Music. I bought mine from a local dealer on the West Coast, Sound Trend at 800-726-7293. If you prefer an East Coast dealer, I'd suggest eAudioNet.com. I recommend both dealers. Goodluck.
Have you tried the FIM Gold speaker cables? I would like to audition a pair in my system. I hear they are just as good as the power cords!
CPCC model 11 vs SR Reference vs BMI Eel vs FIM Gold pc vs Electraglide Fatbiy SE vs King Cobra
FIM GOLD PC is your best choice. But all the cords mentioned are top of the line.
Hi Nex_wave Web: fimpression.com Email: wma@fimpression.com Tele: (425) 868-5326. Hi Tgraffair, Jcbtubes is a good buddie of mine and I don't think he will mind if I answer that one for him and even if he does, whats he gonna do about it. He loves it. He told me it was every bit as good as the PC. Cmon tubes, answer the man.
FLASH! I wouldn't buy ANYTHING until you audition the "Silver Audio "Power Burst" AC cord. I compared to the Custom Pwr II and the "Black Mamba, and found the Silver Audio superior - in ALL parameters, and for a lot less green. At $190. for a 2 meter length, it is one of the BEST out there, regardless of price. Also see the new review in the Nov//Dec. "Planet HiFi www.planethifi.com
Hey, Nex_wave - Don't listen to a thing Bru says! He currently has FIM envy! No, actually, he is quite correct. The FIM speaker cable is every bit as good as the power cords, actually I think better! I've had top of the line MIT speaker cable, Kimber Select Silver, Coincident, and about 20 other brands. The FIM betters them all. Each is great in one or two areas. The FIM Gold is the first I've heard that does everything. Name your sonic interest and this speaker cable will reveal subtleties previously not appreciated. I'll have a better appraisal in a few more weeks, but after two weeks, I'm still in awe. Don't take my word for it, listen to it yourself. You won't be disappointed. ( Caveat: the stuff is really stiff. Make sure you add 1 to 1.5 ft to the length to accommodate loss due to bend radius)! If you have a system of sufficient quality and the hearing acumen to appreciate it, these cables will simply allow more to be enjoyed and effortlessly resolved than any that I've had the pleasure to use. Again, don't take my word for it. Go listen to them yourself!
I listened to the FIM Gold speaker cable and found it warm and slow. Sorry, but I can't understand what all the fuss is about. IMO, the Acoustic Zen Satori is far more accurate and musically involving. The sound is just so palpable. Prior to AZ, I auditioned Silver Audio, Silversmith Audio and Kharma speaker cables. If I were to buy cables from a company whose main activity is producing audiophile recordings (a nice idea - you'd imagine that'd give them a head start) I'd look at Mapleshade first. They put out some great music (the FIM stuff is very tame in comparison).