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10 sonically best rock recordings ?
WHO's NEXT by Mobile Fideltiy Sound Labs. Simply amazing dynamics & soundstage. 
Which powerchord is best to feed Hydra powerconditioner ?
Just recently bought a Hydra and put Whale on it with excellent results. 
Recommendations for Shielded Power Cord
The Whale Elite power cable worked wonders on my Wilson WHOW Sub. Improved & extended the bass with no pickup of interference and RF from other cables. In fact I have several Whales that are piled up on each other laying on the interconnects a... 
NBS statement vs Whale elite powerchord
I have both the NBS statement and a few of the Whales. The NBS is more forward and aggressive-quicker in the mids. The Whale is more laid back and has a bigger bottom end and quieter & smoother on the top end. I have a few other hi-end cables ... 
JM Lab Mezzo Utopia ?
I use to have a pair of Thiel 5i's (same price range) and they were nice, but the key word is use to. Once I heard the Revel Ultima Salons- WOW ! You are right Evansdad about the Talon speakers. I did some serious listening to there Flagship model... 
Are JM Lab's made in France or Canada? 
Help to chose equipment rack
Billy Baggs is one of the best. And takes care of your custom needs. 
Powerchord with the best tight bass ??
I have to agree with Lak. Out of the top power cords I own,KC V-1, Maganan Ref the Whale has the tightest bottom end. There is plenty of extension and bass control with the Whale . 
Power Cord comparsion
It was not modified, the Levinson 336 was custom ordered. The 20A-iec gives no advantage if you are running 15A/ 125V lines. So wake up. 
Power Cord comparsion
Krocdoc??? What are your assumptions??? Levinson had customized my 336 amp at my request. 
Power Cord comparsion
I am enjoying the results from my whale elite > the last few weeks. I also have a pair of vipers and > like you a pair of eel references. Both the eels and > the vipers are similar in a lot of ways. Both have > excellent detailed and v... 
Power cord recommendation needed
The Whale Elite and the Fatboy are both my favorite. Both have big bass and tremendous depth. They are both shielded so very quiet, and construction is the best. The detail and dynmaics are tight and accurate. It's a toss up between the two. Excep... 
Is Bigger Better?
The size of the wire can go both ways. All I care is that it sounds great. Recently purchased a WHALE and yes the size is huge and impresssive but the results are even more impressive. I have some interconnects that are pretty thin, but with the r... 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
Recently purchased the BMI's Whale Elite power cable. This cable is a monster! But very easy to handle. It's beautiful to look at and is the best power cable I've ever heard. 
Tip: Excellent Jazz CD's
Cannonball Adderley(Somethin Else), Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong(Ella & Louis Again 2-Cds) and Thelonious Monk Quartet(Live at Monterey 1963 vol.2). These are all awesome jazz recordings and are my top three favorites. The label is Mo...