Power cord question

What are some good ways to keep after market, stiff power cords connected straight and true to the component? the sheer weight of my new Virtual Dynamics Power 2 cords is making them difficult to keep where I feel assured they are properly attached.

Components are stacked in a Target stand.

In a couple of cases I have screwed large hooks in the wood portion on the back of the shelf and secured the power cord to the hook using black wire ties. This works well and appearance is not an issue (for my system) as it's behind the rack. Good Luck. Craig.
I use a Target stand as well. What I have done is simply loop some string or twine over the horizontal part of the frame above the cord and tie it, allowing enough room for the bottom part of the loop to fit under the iec connector of the cord. You can then slide the loop above a little further away from the cord after you've attached it to your component to snug up the loop below the iec to give you exactly the right amount of support.
Synergistic research has some powercord supports that attach to the iec on the component and the powercord and they are inexpensive.
I do the same as HDM (but use 1" wide cotton ribbon instead). The only problem is if the component is on the top shelf and in this case I just have one of the dancing girls hold it (the cord) up.
I have a similar problem with keeping the IECs snugly connected to the components. Where can I find these Synergistic Research powercord supports? I am surprised component manufacturers haven't provided some solution themselves.
A solution would be for the industry to adopt a universal system for attaching the power cord to a given component - in much the same way that peripheral devices are "screwed" into the back of a computer CPU. Except, then, there'd be a $400 set of matched, balanced, titanium screws with gold-plated hex heads for them to market!
Thanks for the help!