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Can someone recommend a few Joni Michell albums?
"Hissing of Summer Lawns", "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter", and "Court and Spark". "Miles of Aisles" (a live album that is essentially an overview of her earlier work). I recommend them all very highly. She also made an appearance on a Herbie Hanco... 
Pre-amp questions for SCD-1 & EMC-1
I use a Sim Audio Moon P-5 preamp with my EMC-1, and I love it. The Sim has only one set of XLR inputs, however, so you won't be able to use the balanced inputs on one of your CDPs. By the way, why are you using both an EMC-1 and an SCD-1? 
Manners, Eticks & Audiogon --- What do you think???
If it is unrelated to the quality or condition of the item for sale, what difference does it make why the seller is selling it? Especially since, upon further investigation, you were able to determine the real story. You then had enough informatio... 
Jazz lovers. Any Dizzy Gillespie recommendations?
"Birks Works" is a two-CD set of his work in larger bands. Reasonably well recorded and great performances. 
Best live album you've ever heard?
"Last Waltz"; "Frampton Comes Alive!"; "Old and In the Way" 
Audio Physic's Libras: Owners's Opinions Needed
I have not heard the Virgo IIs, but I replaced my Magnepan 1.6QRs with the AP Libras and never looked back. I have never heard speakers that throw a bigger and more lifelike soundstage. They are accurate and articulate from top to bottom, and do b... 
Audio Physic Virgos......
I have the AP Libras, which I power with Bel Canto EvO 200.2 monoblocks. The combination works beautifully. 
Bel Canto EvO 200.2 monoblocks vs Pass X350
i have used the Evo 200.2 monos and a 200.4 in bridged mode with my APs, and i think there is plenty of power. they'll play loud without strain, there is plenty of articulate bass, and the sound across the entire spectrum is detailed and controlle... 
Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time
You mean like Supertramp? 
Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time
Sometimes I wish I was . . . 
Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time
Isn't Neil Schon Canadian? 
Greatest American Rock and Role Bands of ALL Time
How about "Men At Work", "Midnight Oil", "Crowded House" and "INXS"? 
Best Female Rock Group
I think The Pretenders qualify, if only because I think Chrissy Hynde rules. I'm a little embarrassed I didn't include her. 
Bel Canto EvO 200.2 monoblocks vs Pass X350
I have a pair of Audiophysic Libras, Simaudio Moon P-5 and an Electrocompaniet EMC I Mk II. 
Your favorite three Rolling Stones songs?
Good thread. Hard to pick just three, and I suspect the three I would pick depends on the day I pick them. Today the top three are (in no particular order):1. Don't Know Why (the only listenable thing on Metamorphosis)2. Memory Motel 3. Soul Survi...