Power cord for Proceed HPA 3

I have Proceed HPA 2 and 3 amps. They're rated at 500 continuous watts per channel into 4 ohms, but Madrigal was said to be conservative. Any suggestions for appropriate power cords? Should I be looking at 20 amp cords?

Do the amps require the connectors that 20 Amp power cords have?
I didn't know 20 amp power cords had special connectors, and I really don't know anything about them. Yesterday I plugged in a very stiff Pangea AC-9 I discovered I had bought at one time but never used. The box doesn't say what the amp rating of the cord is though. The sound seems to have lost a bit of detail compared to the Richard Gray loaner I've been using. I really dislike the stiffness, so maybe a 20 amp cable is not for me.

Contact Cullen Cable. Patrick will know what to make for you. I have 3 of his power cords. They are great.
Your amp has a 15 amp iec connector. A 20 amp cable has a different iec connector

You might want to try the Pangea ac-9SE - it is made from better quality copper.

Personally, I built my own from Furutech 10 gauge cable and silver plated iec/mains conectors - if you want details use the Agon messaging feature on "My Page" and send me a note - cost - $220 for a 7 ft cable

I am also using 10 & 12 gauge braided romex which works extremely well - almost as good as the furutech.

You might also want to try some stores for loaners - Nordost actually has a case of cables they give their dealers for loan purposes that has a selection of power cables to try.

No matter what cable you buy they are going to be pretty thick

Good luck

Look at this ad, it shows a 20 amp connector. Is this what the IEC on the back of the amps look like they take?


- do you have a quality outlet?
- a dedicated line from breaker panel?

Both of these will effect the performance of a new cable - and burn-in is also a factor - more on some cables than others
I second the Cullen Cable.
I now know what a 20 amp connector looks like. On advice of an audiophile friend whose judgement I trust I've decided to to try a WyWire Silver Juice II, a 9 AWG cable.

The Proceed HPA 3 drives a pair of KEF 107/2s with a 107/2 KUBE. The 107/2s are pretty efficient speakers to be driven by a powerful amp, but the amp seems to exercise fine control of their substantial bass, resulting in tight but deep LF extension.

Thanks for the helpful advice.

Get a BMI power cord. Guage is a poor cousin to good design. BMI produces the finest cords I have heard. I have turned a number of my audiophile friends onto them and every one of them have bought one.