power cord

Hello, I have Mapleshade speaker cable and ic's. I am thinking of purchasing a power cord and I'm wondering about their pc's. I have tube amp and preamp with a TT.Any other suggestions?
I tried the Mapleshade pc on my tubes etc, I did not care for it. I fell in love with the BMI Whale Elite.
The Mapleshade PC was not a good match with my SET based and SS based systems (thin and lacked bass). I do however use their Double Helix digital cable. Others have had good results with the PC if you check the AA cable forum. I now use the BMI Whale PC's as does Lak and feel that they were well worth the added expense.
I own three of the Whale Elites, I am very pleased with the sound and quality. It is a hell of a cord for the money. It is also fun when you can deal directly with the owner of an up and comming company. Brian is the best to work with. I must be honest, I have not tested other power cords. I have spent quit a few trips swapping out stock cords for my BMI's. Everytime I do, I am amazed how much better my system sounds with the Elites in place.
Par: As far as suggestions, you can always try the Mapleshade PC on a 30 day trial, I tried out two of the PC's at the same time, and like yourself was contemplating using all Mapleshade cabling (the PC's just did not work in my setups). This may sound funny but if you are going to stay in the $150 price range consider one of the $50 Absolute PC's. I have been using them in the bedroom system and think that they sound great, plus they are inexpensive. They also seem to match well with different pieces of equipment.
I received my Whale Elite PC a few days ago. After a few hours of listening with it for a few hours, it was apparent that there was noticeable improvements. Much better clarity, tighter bass, and improved soundstage. I was skeptical about power cord tweaks at first, but I have been made a believer now. The Whale Elite is a bargain compair to similar cables in its league. In addition, Brian (the owner) was pleasure to deal with. It's not everyday that you are able to speak to a company's founder and get his or her philosophy of their design.
I would have to agree with Lak, Dekay, Chriskh and 3chihuahuas about the Whale power cable. I currently have 3-Whales in my system (see my virtual system). In summary the Whale is an outstanding product and the price is great. In considering it to the +$2K cables I preferred the Whale for it's smooth mid results and robust increase of depth and tight bass. The service of BMI goes along to say is top rate
and would recommend to anyone who is on the market for a power cable.
I also have just purchased the Whale elite(2) for my preamp and amp! They are a great power cords I first was skeptical about all the praises they were receiving! But after putting them in my system to replace my Cardas Golden cross cables, it's all true! Brian,has a definite winner here. Everthing that has been said about them is true, you would have to pay a lot more to get an improvement on this great power cord, and not much more to be gained by doing so! I'm about to order some more of them!
Boy, it looks like we should start another BMI thread. I will be ready to properly audition mine in a few more weeks (finally). They will by then have approx. 800 hours on them.
Dekay,I'am looking foward to reading it!
my suggestion is electraglide fatman and harmonic tech. magic ac cords for se amps.
I like the Electra Glide FatBoy silver a little bit more than the FatMan for preamps, but the Electra Glide FatMan is definitely the best cord for amps.
I'll jump in on the Whale Elite bandwagon. I have two in a system and one replaced a Shunyata Viper2. The Whale was much more natural and brings you closer to the music.
Hello, thanks to all for their input. My next choice to try is the whale elite. I know power cords make a big difference
and there turning out to be the most difficult to choose. Again thanks and I'll keep you all posted of my progress.