Power conditioners for amplifiers

I have a pair of Electrocompaniet Nemo amplifiers that are plugged directly into the wall outlets. These outlets are NOT dedicated circuits nor will they ever become dedicated circuits, as the breaker panel cannot accommodate any more. Do these amplifiers even need third party conditioning and will it make any real sonic improvement? If so, any suggestions?
I've gotten better sonic results with the PS Audio UPC-200 AC power filter and it protects my gear, as well. YMMV.
I tried a Hydra 2 and was blown away with the improvements. You should try it.
Just have an electrician swap the panel out for a bigger one. I had to do that at my other house. It was not that expensive.
In my current house which are square D breakers they were able to replace one single slot breaker with a single slot dual breaker thereby enabling them to add another circuit for my home theater. Problem solved for an extra circuit.
I don't know about power conditioning for amplifiers but I am interested. I know the dedicated circuit adds a lot to a high system for low cost but I would still like to protect my amplifiers from outside occurrences.
Whatever you do, try before you buy. There are many power conditioners that will step on the dynamics when used with amplifiers. I've been satisfied with a very simple, Radio Shack surge protector that plugs directly into the outlet and the amp plugs into the sp. No cables or excess wire.